Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 2 – New Worlds of Energy

When Dr. William Levengood, biophysicist and scientist extraordinaire, began to study plants and soils from crop formations in 1989, he had no idea that this research would eventually reveal astounding secrets about energy and the nature of consciousness. Although he began with materials from crop circles, he soon began to examine materials from cattle mutilation sites, UFO sites, people who had been in contact with ETs, and people who could demonstrate unusual energies. Along the way, he met Penny Kelly, long-time researcher of consciousness, and the two began to work together, forming a team that would lead to amazing conclusions.

Part mystery, part science, and part consciousness, the book tells the story of Levengood’s discovery of a new form of energy in plants, animals, and humans. This energy was all the more remarkable because it responded directly to consciousness. As the research and collaboration continued, it yielded an entirely new array of insights.

Their results include the first scientific explanation of crop circles, a new theory postulating that humans, plants, and animals are a collection of plasmas, an explanation of subtle energies, new technology for measuring subtle energies, technology that can track and measure the action of both individual consciousness and global consciousness, validation of intuition, a scientific understanding of what happens in a kundalini experience, and deep insights into the nature of spiritual transformation. This is the second book in a 3-volume set focused on extraordinary research into consciousness and energy, and in this volume, science and spirituality come together in ways that present us with an entirely new worldview.  Go to to purchase the book. It is also available on Kindle!


Pg. 16:  He stared at the chart recorder, then at the circuit. What was going on? Then he realized that he had forgotten to turn on the electricity in the circuit. Still, momentarily surprised, he continued to stare at the chart recorder. What was it recording when there was no electrical current being supplied to the circuit? How and why was this happening? Not having time to investigate further, he turned on the power supply that furnished the usual electrical current. The unusual traces disappeared. For a brief time he worried about the strange current flow that had appeared. Maybe there was some kind of short in the system. However, a thorough check of the entire system and a full test of its operation later on convinced him that everything was in good working order. He continued his experiments, pushing aside the anomaly of the unusual current flow he had seen.

Pg. 43:   Suddenly, he began to see similarities between crop formation seeds and the seeds he had treated with ion electron avalanche. Both kinds of seeds failed to germinate if pushed into germination too quickly after being exposed to crop circle energies or ion electron avalanche. Yet both types of seeds germinated and grew beautifully if allowed to rest for 4-6 weeks. Was there something similar to ion electron avalanche happening in the crop formation?

Pg. 53:  The idea that Edd’s mind and intention could reach from Chicago across a distance of almost two hundred miles to affect the operation of physical equipment in his lab was mind boggling. What were these energies? What was their composition or make-up? …He wasn’t sure what or even how to think about what had just happened, but he could see that all of the rules and the limitations he had once placed on physical reality were crumbling into dust… Dubbed ‘The Chicago Experiment,’ this proved to be not only another turning point in the direction Levengood’s research would take, it was the end of the science he had long been comfortable and familiar with and the beginning of an avalanche of exploration outside the box. At times, he fretted about his growing status as an outcast in the world of science, but more than anything, he wanted to continue his research in this direction. He wanted people to understand the nuances and possibilities of what the research was showing – that there was a previously unknown yet measurable form of energy in the human being that could be projected at will to act on other beings and equipment.

Pg. 73:  In the paper that summarized his theory of crop circle formation, he listed seven separate energy characteristics, each with distinct boundary conditions that went into the making of a formation. The first was the presence of microwaves… The second was the presence of electric fields… The third factor was the convective stability of the gases inside the plasma vortex… The fourth was convective turbulence… The fifth was the influence of the Earth’s own electric fields… The sixth was the presence of magnetic fields that were produced by the motion of ions and electrons within the rotating plasma… The seventh was the presence of thermo-gradients both inside and outside the vortices. In short, what he was saying was that crop circles were caused by large plasma systems with interacting energies that resulted, in part, from the weather, from the Earth’s magnetic fields, and from the motion of natural convective air through the atmosphere. The complexity in the plasma fields was a unique combination of transient microwaves, ionized gases, the presence of electrical currents produced by a multiplicity of charge variations in the rotating plasmas, magnetic fields, thermal gradients that changed temperatures from inside to outside the vortex, and some convective turbulence cavorting across the fields. The result was gorgeous forms that matched the exquisite patterns evident in the whole of nature.

Pg. 96:   “Let me tell you about a guy named Charlie Plyler down in North Carolina. He measures signals coming from the earth. He just sticks these stainless steel electrodes in the ground, leaves them there 24-7, and measures the frequencies that come off of them.” One day, John Gedye and I were talking about Charlie’s work and John said, ‘Hell, I think Charlie is measuring the CDP of the Earth!’ Lefty agreed, and without delay, John called Charlie on the phone. In the conversation, Charlie mentioned that he had been taking readings during the time of the Colombine shootings in Colorado and that the readings were way out of their normal range. He also said that he had gotten extremely anomalous signals on the day of the Superbowl, right about the time of the winning touchdown!

Pg. 153:  Each night before going to bed, she took the pillow shams off the pillows and set the shams aside, then, before climbing into bed, she ran her hands over the sheets and blankets just in case the missing earring would be there. In the morning, she made the bed, brushing out the sheets, pulling up the blankets, putting the pillow shams back on the pillows, and setting them in place. The earring was nowhere to be found and Marilyn was upset because these earrings had sentimental value as well as worldly value. She wanted the earring back. On the third night after the earring disappeared, Marilyn was getting ready for bed and picked up one of the pillow to remove the pillow sham. There was the missing earring! She was overjoyed! And then the questions began. How had the earring gotten under the pillow? She had literally torn the bed apart and put it back together again several times when looking for the earring over the past three days. How was it that she could have picked up the pillows and removed the shams for two nights and not seen or felt the earring sitting there? How could she have slept for two nights, sometimes moving her hands under the pillow and not discovered the earring there?”

Pg. 160:   Although I considered myself to be somewhat skilled and sophisticated in terms of intuition, journeys in consciousness, and all things related to these, Lefty’s deeply serious approach to working with materials from UFO encounters always upset me. I preferred to avoid certain subject areas and I wished Lefty would do the same. When I could not avoid the subject, I dropped almost automatically into an attitude of slight disdain and serious skepticism. However, Levengood was like a bloodhound on the trail of the unexplained energies and was neither put off by the ostracism of those in the world of science nor distracted by media hoopla.

Pg. 165:   One of the commitments that higher beings make is the commitment to cooperation and peacefulness. It is almost impossible for a civilization to survive long enough to get to advanced stages of development in consciousness and technology without this commitment. Why? Because those civilizations who do not make such a commitment end up destroying themselves with their aggressiveness and stupidity. Thus, alien beings will defend themselves, but they work hard to maintain a careful balance that seeks to cooperate and to nurture life.

Pg. 203:  Over the years, Levengood had examined samples from more than 200 animal excisions, over 300 crop circles, and an uncounted number of UFO landing sites. Without exception, every one of these could be identified by the presence of an ‘energetic fingerprint.’ All of the animal excisions. crop formation, and UFO landing sites showed evidence of having been touched or exposed to energies of an unknown sort.

Pg. 211:  The discovery that subtle energies known as CDP, or Charge Density Plasmas, respond directly to consciousness and can be tracked and measured caused me to wonder how the world might change as our understanding of this energy shifted our consciousness.

Pg. 215:   The first is that Levengood’s study of charge density plasmas in the human body provides evidence that the body is a collection of plasmas. The second is that the energies forming these plasmas are directly affected by consciousness. The third is that a plasma is a collection of loosely associated particles who energies can be raised from a ground state of existence and function to a higher state of existence and function. And the fourth is that all things seek to raise their energy state to higher, more efficient, and more powerful levels of function. We are programmed to evolve.

Pg. 238:  The Earth is a living being. She is conscious, intelligent, and she has neighbors throughout the solar system. If everything is alive and interacting, this would naturally include the Earth. If the Earth has plasma vortices, then she must also be a field of plasmas. Since plasmas are fields of particles that communicate continuously, it would mean that the Earth is communicating with the field of information she is floating in, so either she is taking information in or she is giving information out, or both.  The evidence presented in this book points to the fact that crop formations are created by plasma vortices. If the human energy system has rotating vortices known as chakras, the Earth’s energy system may have rotating vortices known as crop formations. In other words, crop formations are the Earth’s chakras.


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