Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 3 – History and Consciousness

When her mother, her sister, her research associate, her hero, and her religion all die in one year, author and researcher into consciousness, Penny Kelly, begins a Vol 3 History Front coversearch for something that will anchor her life in the way that mothers, siblings, co-workers, friends, and belief systems do.

Her search leads unexpectedly into a world of tangled information about the history of humanity that takes her back through thousands of years of civilization. As she works her way through one set of shocks, lies, and disappointments after another, Kelly begins to see the threads of connection to an ancient civilization that has been both recognized,  well-documented…and well hidden. As these threads begin to weave themselves into a completely new view of reality, she realizes exactly why this history has been hidden.

Gradually she sees that 2000 years ago there was a massive effort on the part of the early Christians to force a particular religion on the masses. What was destroyed in this new religions was humanity’s bond with Nature, the truth about higher consciousness and human potential, the rights of women, and ancient techniques for advancing consciousness. Because these techniques were often sexual, there was a deliberate effort to limit sexuality by loading it with shame and guilt. The result has been a tragic loss of personal power, the loss of our goals as a civilization, and the ongoing suppression of our true history, which is the foundation of our future.

This is a no-holds-barred book about religion, sex, power, and consciousness. It could not have been written without Kelly’s extensive experience with kundalini, her extraordinary research into consciousness, and her critical ability to synthesize information. It presents an entirely different view of history, the true nature of reality, what is possible within it, what we used to be, and what we are doing here on this planet.

Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 3 – History and Consciousness is the third in a trilogy of books presenting extraordinary research into consciousness, energy, and human transformation. Available at … $20.95

Some excerpts from the book:

Pg. 25:   It then occurred to me that using the power that was available to me while in that lucid state of consciousness, I could erase the rain, thunder, and lightning going on in the dream state – and when I did, it would clear all the financial difficulties I was having in my waking life. … So, still walking along the lake, pelted by torrential rain and deafened by constantly crashing thunder, I reached casually toward the dark and rainy sky and brushed away the storm clouds while calling for the sun to come out. Within a minute the rain stopped, the thunder and lightning ended, the clouds broke up, and the sun came out. The storm was gone. I was pleased in a quiet and satisfied way and continued my walk around the lake, fully aware that my finances would begin to clear and I would be able to hang onto my farm. The knowing around this was more than knowing, it was absolute certainty as well as deep relief.

Pg.  37:  During the last year that I was taking care of my mother, I happened to hear part of an interview on an internet radio program. In it, the host and his guest were talking about a book in which the author claimed that there had been no Jesus Christ of Nazareth, that the Catholic Church had forged numerous documents in its lust for power, and that it falsified the reports and dates of many key events in Church history.

Pgs. 96-98:  Sadly, the goal of the Church for almost two thousand years had been to discredit astrology and the ancient structures of knowledge that had grown up around it. The goal in doing so appeared to be an effort to destroy the old political and religions systems that were based in Nature. The early Christians wanted everyone to remain uneducated and ignorant about nature, and they worked endlessly at this because they wanted total control. I was musing about how the Church wanted to wipe out the old customs, traditions, beliefs, and veneration of nature when it hit me like a thunderbolt! Ever since the Church had come to power, there had been ongoing destruction of Mother Earth. … I could get really upset if I thought about any of this for very long, but much more upsetting was the realization that the whole issue of unsustainable living, the loss of resilient, stable communities, and the devastation of the environment went back to the beginning of the Church’s declaration that men had dominion over all things.

Pg.  109:  At this point in my research, I could see how convenient it would have been to make Jesus a real human. I could understand the temptation to invent stories and fraudulent writings. I could recognize the effect of moving the setting of Jesus’ life and events from Europe across the Mediterranean to the Holy Land and assigning arbitrary dates to them. But I could not put the whole picture together to figure out why anyone would want to bother changing history.

Pg. 127:  Each summer there would be a great celebration and the young consort would spend the night enjoying the company and sexual favors of the Goddess queen of that city or village. The goal was to impregnate the Goddess, and when this had been accomplished, the young consort would be put to death in the fall. The youth who, depending on the region and the language, was given the ritual name of Tammuz (Thomas), Attis, Adonis, Osiris, or Baal, would be reassured that he would be reborn the following year as the new infant already developing in the womb of the Goddess. He would then be drugged, tied to a tree, and ritually sacrificed, his death symbolizing the end of summer, the arrival of winter, and the apparent death of nature. His death was also the symbol of the people’s deep trust in reincarnation and rebirth both of nature as well as the young man the following spring.

Pg. 151:  In coming face to face with the Church I had grown up with, the beliefs I once took for granted suddenly looked like childish, naïve fairytales. I wasn’t sure if I was more disappointed with the Church for its cruel, greedy activities or with myself for not having examined Church history more closely, what it was teaching, its effects on consciousness, or the miserable results of 2000 years of Church influence.

Pg. 170:  There was no physical Garden of Eden. The Garden of Eden was a major symbol in the story of Genesis because the garden was a central economic feature in the Goddess culture. Life was centered in their gardens, which were cultivated everywhere. People gathered in gardens and orchards for ceremonies in which the generosity of the Great Mother was celebrated and after which they gathered food and everyone ate well. Thus, the garden constituted both the food system, the social system, and the setting for the religious rituals of the Goddess. An insidious way of carrying out an attack against an enemy has always been to assault their means of food production. We do it today in our sneaky weather wars, and the Romans did it in their day by salting the land of those they conquered.

Pg. 176:  The pieces were now beginning to make sense. I wasn’t just dealing with the consciousness that had existed down through history, I was dealing with religion, sex, and power, as well as the physical symbols of that power, which were land and money. Wars were still being started and conducted by modern barbarian men who wanted as much control as possible and who used money flowing through male-run corporations and organizations to cement that control. These organizations might be financial, religious, or political institutions, but all of them had formed gradually as male-run solutions to the argument with women over who had control of life, land, wealth, and power.

Pg. 209:   While I was there, everyone had been completely open and loving with one another and there had been no such thing as privacy in one’s thoughts and feelings. Everyone knew every detail of one another’s daily life and experience. Living this way would mean trusting yourself to be kind and compassionate with others, and trusting that they would be that way with you. It would require letting go of biases and entering into the flow of love, which was a palpable experience at those levels of consciousness. It would mean being willing to use our power, yet remain humble enough to reverse or repair something we had said or done without feeling either guilty or resentful. But most of all, it would mean moving toward becoming eternal beings made of light.

Pg. 240:  Another tragic factor in the degeneration of consciousness was the fact that after the earth changes, the need to rebuild many cities forced the focus of the survivors onto reassessing climate and weather patterns, rebuilding homes and cities, replanting orchards and gardens, and re-establishing some semblance of order in a world that had turned upside down. Many years of effort went into survival and rebuilding, all of which moved the focus of the civilization away from higher consciousness and onto more physical demands.

Pg. 252:  Momentarily uncertain of how to move forward, I wondered what was the point of it all. Where were we going with this world? It was looking more and more like I was being guided very specifically toward envisioning a world that could only be described as a heaven world. That brought me face to face with the last issue, one that I had run into before but had not really taken seriously – immortality. Feeling suddenly anxious and unwilling to confront the whole subject, I picked up a book sitting on my reading table and opened it in an attempt to distract myself and avoid the topic. My eye immediately fell on the words… “A Gnostic document found at Chenoboskion in Egypt and known as the Treatise of Hermes Trismegistus states: ‘It is thus by degrees that the adepts will enter into the way of immortality’…”

Pg.  271:   The ancient knowledge was gradually lost to the greater population as fewer and fewer people experienced personal transformation and the changes in consciousness it brought. I could see that such knowledge was already slipping in the later days of the Goddess cultures and certainly down through the Aryan invasions, the Hebrew massacres, the Christian wars, and the Catholic persecutions. However, if you knew what to look for, you could see the threads of truth about the Light and the powerful mechanism of transformation hidden in the body. This was the sacred treasure carried forward through time. This treasure was the real ‘ark of the covenant’ within each human and the gold was the golden light that accompanied the development of a fully awakened consciousness.

Pg.  279:  Concepts like morality, blasphemy, and the anti-Christ were invented and carefully defined to back up the rules and rulers of the early Church. Such concepts undermined the basic emotional and mental infrastructure of humanity. Where can you go and what options do you have for self-development when everything natural about your humanity has been turned into a sin or cause for guilt and prosecution? Our sexuality has been made shameful, our natural joy in expanding consciousness and awakening the Inner Teacher has been ruled blasphemous, and our journey toward Christhood has been treated as if it were a threat to the powers that be.