Getting Well Again, Naturally

Getting Well Again, Naturally – From The Soil To The Stomach is an extraordinary book that illuminates why millions of people are degenerating into ill health. When the author comes down with severe rheumatoid arthritis, she embarks on a path to heal herself—and comes to discover that the food supply in first world countries has little or no nutrition in it. Most people are living on factory foods that are empty of nutrition, they do not know how to use supplements, seldom take time for powerful detox procedures, and do little or no exercise. Where you are suffering from a little fatigue, or have a full-blown catastrophic illness, this book will teach you how to repair and rebuild you body and your life. Go to to order this book.


P. 52 – “Constant hunger is the body’s call for building materials that it can use to restore itself. When you eat, the body works for hours to extract nutrients, and when it turns out there is nothing useful in the food, your body has used up even more of its precious resources for little or nothing in return. It is like constantly mining for gold without ever hitting pay dirt. There are huge piles of useless waste material everywhere as evidence of how much work was done, but eventually the mining company goes bankrupt. The same thing happens to the body. It has chewed and dug its way through all kinds of food, waste accumulates in every cell and tissue, interfering with function, and effort to continue rebuilding eventually go bankrupt because the body never hits the equivalent of pay dirt, which is the nutrition it really needs.”

P. 81 – “European missionaries carried the white man’s diet around the world with them, becoming a potent wedge between people and the feeding traditions they had evolved over thousands of years. Everywhere they went, disruption of indigenous lives followed. People who depended on the continuation of their food traditions for maintenance of their high level of immunity were forced out of their sustaining routines, into schools and churches, and onto barren soils. They were fed Western foods right along with Western religions. The result was confusion, disease, psychological malaise, and death everywhere the missionaries went. Today, we do not have missionaries to contend with, we have marketing departments. A great deal of misinformation has been generated by marketing programs designed to get sales moving for a product. Once the misinformation gets out there, we build on it, creating a labyrinth of wrong turns in terms of our diet. If we do not correct these, we simply will not survive.”


4 thoughts on “Getting Well Again, Naturally

  1. Hi Penny, Do you have any :getting Well Naturally ” around your place to sell. New or used. Thought I would put the $$ directly into your pocket vs. amazon. I bought one years ago but have since lent it our to someone and hasn’t returned it. Thanks Robbyn p.s. sounds like a great workshop you have coming up..

    • Hi Robbyn, yes I do. I can send you one if you like. Let me know.
      I think the workshop is going to be good! Seems like we’ve been trying to get this message out for such a long time, and finally people are asking the right questions, looking at the future through new lenses, and moving in a direction we can all live with instead of struggle and cry with.

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