Live Course | Intuition 1 - The Brain and The Gift of Consciousness (June 2023)

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COURSE: Intuition 1 - The Brain and The Gift of Consciousness

DATE:  02, 03 & 04 June 2023 

DAYS:  Friday, Saturday & Sunday

TIME: 2:00 to 6:00 pm ET (New-York time zone)

PLACE:  Live Online (via Zoom app)

PRICE: $350 USD 


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Intuition 1 - The Brain and the Gift of Consciousness


Although many people are not sure whether intuition is "real," this is because they do not know how consciousness works, or when and how to use it! This course introduces you to the structure and function of the brain, various forms of intelligence, the frequencies of consciousness, the levels of perception, how we shift among these levels in the wide spectrum of consciousness, and much more.


If you have had intuitive insights or moments of clairvoyance when you saw something in the future or heard a voice out of the blue... if you have ever had a moment of unexplained “knowing” or experienced a frightening vision, had an out-of-body experience, or found yourself waking up when you thought you were already awake, this course will open the door to understanding those experiences as well as a great deal about the reality system we live in.


The course consists of documents to download and print, lectures to watch or listen to, experiential exercises, and some fabulous Q&A sessions covering a wide range of information about consciousness. Students learn a LOT from the questions and perspectives of other students, as well as take comfort and find support for the journey into consciousness. You will receive a copy of The Symbol Library, which is needed for beginning to understand the Language of Energy, and there is also a reading list with the suggestion that you read one book each month from the list. 


This course is intense and detailed, and you will come away with a grasp of the basis of all intuitive experience, an understanding of the nature of perception, and a deeper understanding of yourself within the reality. You will also have created an excellent foundation for expanding your own consciousness and some actual experience in beginning that process. We are designed to evolve into wisdom and power. Sign up now to begin the journey into yourself and the unfolding of your consciousness!