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So Sorry, Mr. Soros

So sorry, Mr. Soros and other Globalists, but your attempts to set up Globalism have made us all into global citizens with global perception! We see and hear 360°; we get the big picture. Did you think we were all going to maintain 1950-style ideas and worldviews? Those worldviews were infantile. Perhaps if you had gone about things differently, we might have been able to work together. Perhaps the problem is that major portions of your plan were launched during and after the big World Wars when you worked hard to sell the idea of Nationalism in order to get people to join the army or navy and keep fighting. This probably made it seem that turning the ship of Nationalism would be impossible and therefore you would have to be sneaky with your new program to collapse it and turn us all into New World Order people. If you hadn’t been so busy mopping up after the war back then, you might have been able to think clearly. You might have been able to enlist our support for a new plan. After all, why wouldn’t we want to come together? Why wouldn’t we want to live in peace? Why wouldn’t we love to be in communication with our brothers and sisters around the globe? Why wouldn’t we want to resolve world problems together and help create an ideal world?

When I heard David Rockefeller say he was proud of what he was trying to do in creating the New World Order, I was stunned. He thought he was doing something good! When I really looked at the basics of the NWO, some of it was reasonable…some was even pretty high-minded stuff! So why did you guys sneak around behind our backs? Why didn’t you involve us in the process? We are an intelligent people. We see the over-population, the suffering, the wars, lack of development, hunger, and misunderstanding. We live the frustrations of our morbidly obese system! Why did you leave us out of what intimately affects us all? And for god’s sake, why would you do something as ass-backwards as trying to dumb people down? Why not develop them to a high degree in order to get cooperation and creativity? Not doing so was your biggest mistake.

Gordon Brown

September 23, 2009

Isn’t it interesting that the New York Times would publish an op-ed piece from Gordon Brown, prime minister of England, in which Brown talks openly about “the creation of the first truly global society?” You seldom hear American leaders talking this way. Perhaps the powers that be hope they can introduce the “one world” idea from outside the U.S. and avoid the kind of confrontation they have set up around this issue?

Not that I’m looking for a confrontation. I’m just looking at the way things have been done and shaking my head as if to say, “You would think the leaders would know better, wouldn’t you?”

After all, what happens to all the national pride, national sovereignty, national identity, national government, national currency, national arrogance, national power, national sense of “we are the greatest…and that is how it’s supposed to be” that has been shoved down our throats for the last 200 years and especially the last 50 years?

Brown is now suggesting that it is time for a little international cooperation around climate change, renewing economic prosperity, fighting terrorism, ending nuclear proliferation, and overcoming poverty.  These are worthy challenges, of course. But there is one fly in the soup that may have to be dealt with and that is the truth around September 11, 2001.

In a recent book, The Ground Truth, by John Farmer, Dean of Rutger University’s School of Law and former Attorney General of New Jersey, Farmer was a member of the 9/11 Commission and drafted their original report. In this new book, however, he and the other members of the Commission  are now saying they were lied to by the FBI, CIA, the White House, and NORAD – and they have full proof of this. It is pretty clear that there was considerable cooperation with the “terrorists” at the highest levels of our government.

This being the case, how can we move ahead with any kind of plan for the future until the truth is known? The law of Spirit is, “If you build something on a rotten (deceptive) foundation, the new structure will not last.”

In Gordon Brown’s essay, All Together Now, he calls for us to develop a strategy of Afghanization and says we should build up the Afghan army, police, and civic institutions, then hand Afghanistan back to the Afghan people. What he really calls for is to build up an Afghan Army that will fight for Western causes when we tell them to, police their people according to our ideas of democracy, and redo their institutions in the image of America so that we can have a major presence smack in the middle of the Eurasian continent that is handy and close to both Russia and China.

He suggests that we stop charging the world’s poorest people in undeveloped countries for medical treatment they cannot afford, but does not mention those in the developed world who also cannot afford medical treatment. He then goes on to suggest sending $1 billion in cold hard cash to developing nations to revolutionize their health care systems. What about OUR failing, useless health care system? And who, I ask, has a billion dollars to send anywhere?