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Something Very Interesting to Watch

While teaching Intuition classes last week the subject of the future came up and I was reminded of a lecture I watched last year about Paul Amadeus Dienach. Dienach lived in the early 1900s and experienced a 365-day spell of narcolepsy during which he went into the future to the year 3906. While there, he was schooled about the history of where civilization had been and what had happened between the early 1900s and the 3900s. It is an amazing story with some VERY interesting information! The lecture is called Memories From the Future: The Valley of the Roses and is 2 hours long. It was a lecture given at the A.R.E. in Virginia around 2013. There’s a book titled Chronicles From the Future available on Amazon that contains the entire story. If you haven’t already seen it, you might enjoy watching it on a Sunday afternoon orevening. Here is the link:

Your Homework for The Next Few Months…

While typing up the results of the ZigZag Journey undertaken by the people who attended my New Year’s Eve party, I was dismayed by the scarcity of good news. I thought there could not possibly be as much unrest, flooding, death, disruption, and chaos as they were reporting.

After getting the Journey typed and posted, I took the time to go through my email, which had piled up quite a bit over the previous two weeks due to my mother’s death and funeral. Among the emails was the following link:


I listened to it and was thunderstruck! The second half of the audio was about something called they called ‘the global coastal event’ that outlined the same kinds of events my guests saw while on their journeys. In the audio, there was mention of an organization called Farsight (www.farsight.org).  So I went to their website and discovered that they had been doing research with remote viewing since 1995. Their descriptions of 2013 were almost identical to what came up in the ZigZag Journeys!

The people at HalfPastHuman do their research using internet bots that sample conversations going on around the world on the web. The people at Farsight do their research with remote viewers. If the events described in only one of these research efforts is even partially correct, we are at a massive turning point. To prepare – just in case – I would assign the world a bit of homework for the next few months: Practice working together with one another.

To read the results of the ZigZag Journey, click here, or on the menu bar:

2013 New Year’s Eve ZigZag Journey