The Goddess and Consciousness Through Time

The Goddess and Consciousness Through Time with Penny Kelly

A Solstice Lecture & Workshop in Frederick, MD

June 21, 2014, Saturday, 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

To register call:  (269) 624-6022      Cost: $95

The Romans, Egyptians, Indians, Persians, and Sumerians all had stories of goddesses whom they worshipped or prayed to. There are legends and stories of a variety of goddesses in many other cultures as well. What few realize is that before the male-based belief systems of the present, God was seen as a female and life was organized in a totally different manner. What were culture and consciousness like in the days of the goddess? What was the basis of power in those days? What did we believe in and what happened to move women from the top of the power heap to the bottom? Join us for a fascinating look at men, women, power, consciousness, and some astounding discoveries being made in the history of our civilization! You will never see the world quite the same again!

The workshop will be held at the estate of:   Heather & Mike Smith  * 9831 Fox Rd  *  Frederick MD 21702  *  (202) 642-0983

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