ZigZag Journeys

To see the most recent journey, undertaken on New Year’s Eve and covering the coming year, click on this link:   ZigZag Journey – New Year’s Eve 2013

I teach a series of seven monthly classes in Intuition and the goal is to develop and learn to use a much broader range of consciousness and to be more clairvoyant. In Intuition 5, we usually undertake a series of journey into the future to see what is on the horizon for the human family. These journeys can also be undertaken by people who have little or no training in clairvoyance. They are asked to close their eyes and move back and forth in time as directed, thus the term ZigZag Journey. They are asked to simply trust their mind to do as directed, without trying to figure out where they are at in time.

A problem with going to look at a specific future date is getting caught up in the “story” or “logical unfolding” you may already believe will happen about that time. When you do not know what specific time you are looking at, and you are told that you will be moving backwards AND forwards in time, you must drop all story, all logic, and all expectations. You must allow yourself to see what comes to you without trying to make it be one way or another. The mind follows directions implicitly and will usually go immediately to that time. While there, you will see, hear, feel, and know things about that time. Some of it may be things that you have an affinity for, or a special interest in. Some of it may be a complete surprise. Some of it may be unusual, confusing, or unexpected.  And some of it may be something you would have preferred not to see or know. But all of it will be relevant to the seer and to the people who share the reality.

I have been conducting these ZigZag Journeys for a number of years with all sorts of people. The journeys can cover a year, a decade, a century, or more. Most of the journeys I conduct have spanned the time between 2000 and 2025. The information paints a picture of where we are at as a people, what we are creating, and what we must therefore deal with. We are creating our reality. Each person contributes a little piece of that reality and calls out certain responses and behaviors from those people who share the reality with them. When we finally have peace, truth, compassion, equality, tolerance, cooperation, generosity, and joy in our civilization it will be because enough of us have developed these qualities in ourselves, and insisted on them from our brothers and sisters.

(NOTE: Jan. 17, 2013 – The New Year’s Eve ZigZag Journey was just updated by adding Diana’s journey results.)


3 thoughts on “ZigZag Journeys

  1. I would love to see other Zig Zag journey information from more recent years, if you happen to have it. And I would still very much love to participate in or host some Zig Zag journeys in the future.

  2. More, more! collectively observe the reality without judgment, THEN agree and consciously create a reality on this earth of your choice! It’s up to us to co-create the reality and ground it. I LOVE this exercise and I wish you would teach it!

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