ZigZag Journey – New Year’s Eve 2013

JOURNEY #1 – APRIL 3, 2013

Tim – Corn; a dam; trouble or something happening on the Canadian border in the NW (among the Indians?); erosion; migration; China, poisoned water, filthy sky – all brown and polluted; domination; segregation.

Bobbie – unrest.

Shelly – the economy is like beach sand being moved by water at the break of a wave washing onto the beach; there is tightening, constricting, like sand changing over time because it’s under pressure; see igneous rock/metamorphic rock…out of control; doesn’t affect my family, but horrible changes globally.

Ray – things look the same as now.

Norm – oil spill?; traffic jams in the U.S.; saw rug-makers weaving!; saw a line of insects all in a row, walking in line (this is how they behave when getting away from disaster?); torrential rain and flooding; many people washing away, much debris; native tribes more active; government still suppressing and repressing.

Laurel – everyone helping everyone survive; rebuilding.

Carol – U.S. is cleaning out its sh–; lots of chaos; institutions stepping into the moment; people leaving old ideas and habits behind.

Johanna – Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi – something unpleasant politically on the right; a mistake was made and a serious secret is leaked to the news media, implicating leaders of those states; something terrible happened that they knew about all along but never warned anyone; banking – another Great Depression coming??

Paul – bread & circus??? – silly TV entertainment keeps everyone entertained, meanwhile the financial sector is in trouble; for Greece, G——, and ——–, their money will not be good for long; conflict in the Korean peninsula.

Mary – congress is combative; eastern thought is calming the country; the earth continues to cull the population with natural disasters; climate is eruptive; dry in the Midwest U.S. and getting warmer.

Rita – U.S. overcomes financial cliff but…; native people are positive influences in Canada; new diseases appearing across the world; famine in Africa; earthquakes.

Carrie – In USA there is graft and corruption; government is melting down; Obama is only a figurehead, the laughingstock of the people; mystery deaths – massive number of people; virus? poison?; general health of the population has declined; skirmishes; pockets of rioting; police brutality; weather is upset; climate change; letting go of self-__(gratification?)__; a glimmer of hope underneath; kindred neighborhoods pull together.

Lisa – Florida came up; a lot of whales in the north seas

Rebecca – rebellion in the U.S. because people want to stop all the government corruption; something about George Washington; flooding in Florida, Mississippi, and Georgia; famine in Arkansas?; California split in two by earthquake; tsunami in Hawaii; effort to legalize marijuana for everyone.

Kyle – I see a father-son drama; racial troubles; economy imploding in the U.S.; the Euro is down.

Cindy – rocket going off somewhere??; music has cricket sound in it; financial scandal; Europe economy in the news again; water problems.

Diana – global happiness; business booms; people making money; government working well together; big arguments about global weather; big arguments about religion among religions; Southeast Asia human rights dilemma heats up; dog virus – dogs are dying; alien visits – government can’t hide it anymore and begins to reveal it.

JOURNEY #2 – JUNE 12, 2013

Tim – entrapment; Cuba; oil disaster; environment is warm; saw a snake from a jungle

Bobbie – more unrest

Shelly – see pine trees in a national park, a remote space, endangered animals; blue color with a design like bird feathers patterned into the blue; blue shroud of darkness, swirling stars; nature in trouble.

Ray – war; famine; a bank collapsing.

Norm – unrest; fear; warlords in Africa, JY goes there and has a close call in Africa; drums – this seems to equate to dance; people dance in a circle; then I was in India, many colors on faces and in dress – a festival?; near a river I see an image I saw before – many cooking fires; Moslems _____________?

Laurel – huge storms around the water on coasts, and in Malaysia, China.

Carol – weather cloudy; thunderstorms; Earth cleansing; see populations beginning to recover; we are moving past the idea of countries, there are no countries – just groups of people; hot and cold extremes; no more airplanes, but flying saucers are around.

Johanna – heard Mayan flute music; the Nile River had a green, snake-like appearance – a problem with the fish and river creatures reflecting changes in our climate? Too much algae choking out other life and affecting people who use the river for their livelihood?

Paul – extreme weather continues; islands are threatened; there is a perception that everything is okay on a national and global __(level?)___. The leaders claim to have everything under control, but they don’t. We know this is no longer the case; China awakens; mounting dissatisfaction with _____________; Latin America _________…

Mary – hotspots in human turmoil here and there; my house is a place of refuge; how do I help feed others?; it is important to share food; food distribution to those in need must be more accessible; where do I place my energies; for food – location on globe?

Rita – icebergs gone; lots of climate issues; South America is taking back their culture and agriculture; Mayan people trying to bring peace and harmony into the world; U.S. resists life changes.

Carrie – revolt in India – no more GMOs; return to native agricultural practices; labeling of GMO in U.S. passes; government corruption in voting is revealed; US.  suffers loss of face; U.S. has poor relationships with others; rising unrest; massive deaths from mystery cause.

Lisa – I didn’t see anything on this journey, or maybe all is quiet for the moment.

Rebecca – war in the Middle East; Israel is exploding; Greece is now independent – no more Euro!; a woman is leading in Greece; in general, women are leading the effort to create peace and fairness in the world.

Kyle – financial turmoil; Israel goes to war with Iran; Obama is a hero; tensions with China.

Cindy – China in the news along with Russia; Mediterranean area in the news; flooding; Middle East problems.

Diana – people pretending all is okay and yet they’re not okay (in denial); people are touchy; scientists are feuding about weather and global movement of land masses and plates; major fire – a city burns – due to volcano?; lots of clouds and storms (due to this major fire?); animals become restless, as in they’re sensing a disaster.

JOURNEY #3 – AUGUST 23, 2013

Tim – Hawaii; something nuclear; propaganda; waves; hemp field is in the news; temperatures are very hot.

Bobbie – major uneasiness; people not knowing what’s going on; they’re watching out for trouble; peaking climate change; heat; pain.

Shelly – Sloping purple hill (spirituality?); world losing money; S. Baker will need me; horse in a chess set (as if we are in the position of the horse in a chess game);  telephone or power lines with a shining light around the top of each pole; people walking together, rising from blue smoke.

Ray – lots of wars around the world; climate changes causing damage.

Norm – China; Japan and the radiation from Fukushima causing sickness; Turkey (the country); big explosions; Israel has fierce anger and retaliates; more revenge; African poverty; a jungle in South America is on fire; people crying, mourning; animals running amok in terror.

Laurel – civil unrest; access inside a new pyramid.

Carol – people are scared; people are starting to awaken to a new beginning; many deaths, many have died; cries of agony; beginning to recover from death and destruction.

Johanna – saw a white light outlining continents, especially Africa; see wildlife, drought, animals struggling; an uneasy feeling, like an impending storm of some kind; scientists are taking samples and have nervous apprehension surrounding them; they are ready to jump in their SUVs and run

Paul – too much__(war?)___; sea land is up, or comes up from the floor of the sea; government in U.S. is in turmoil; an assassination?; many skirmishes around the globe because the focus is on religion, extremism, and intolerance; resources have become more important with rich nations stockpiling.

Mary – more civil unrest in Middle East; U.S. is not actively involved, not at war; global consciousness is shifting; U.S. still targeted as bully; more earthquakes than usual; Mother Earth is angry; people are waking to the fact that this consciousness must _ (raise?)___.

Rita – a global crisis occurs; unrest in several countries; in the U.S. conservatives are trying to take over but we won’t let them; self-determination is big; flooding in many countries.

Carrie – tough weather; not enough energy available; discord within U.S. government – upsets, uproar, shady and dishonorable dealings; all of this is unsustainable; Israel rises to power along with China while U.S. is in economic crisis; serious viral outbreaks; loss of vitality in population; casualties.

Lisa – countries trying to connect, holding hands; ________ heal; Russia came up but I don’t know why.

Rebecca – Oregon has some kind of freedom; huge explosion in China; silver and gold _________; oil spewing from the earth; the cup of freedom is moving across the globe – freedom for women in the world, even in Afghanistan, Burma, Iran, and Iraq, freedom for women in the U.S. …freedom to choose.

Kyle – scandal in high office of U.S.; trains running all over (other transportation unavailable? Trains are also the symbol of new “training” or new learning that is unavoidable); Brazil is more powerful, has great wealth.

Cindy – rain, lots of rain; China flexing political muscles; Middle East in turmoil, always in turmoil, it doesn’t matter who (is involved), they are unhappy with things and take it out on each other; melting ice makes the news again; financial markets in the news.

Diana – bickering – lots of it; noise – lots of noise from the bickering; people still struggling to make a go; religions and people (cultures) feuding; anger is something to stay away from as it’s disastrous if you don’t stay away from it; oceans are high but too calm, major stillness of the ocean conveyor belts; hotter than ever; aliens watching but not intervening; people/commerce try to go about as normal but difficult with so many displaced.

JOURNEY #4 – OCTOBER 11, 2013

Tim – Iran came up; turmoil; greed; South America; high water; tighter communities; revolt; need for food; Scandinavia; volcano

Bobbie – forming small communities; small groups of people getting together for protection, food, health; quiet; people having a hard time; don’t know what to do or what’s coming; FEAR; energy problems; water problems; government going down; people not trusting one another; weather warm/hot; not a lot of rain; ___(   )___ to be used in greenhouses to build soil for __(compost?)___.

Shelly – bright explosion like a solar flare, unsure of which continent but there’s a disaster, not war, just a disaster; birth (rebirth?); Asia has big tides, waves, higher than usual from the ocean; see a dark triangle that is blackish-blue.

Ray – we are still dependent on oil.

Norm – radio, news, pictures, thoughts of countries; many dying; killing rampages; food shortages; many unemployed wander the streets; some kind of sloshing liquid in Spain; a timer ticking; exchanges _(closed down?__; storms and hurricanes; ice-melt falls off ice shelf and whooshes into water; polar bear sinks, maybe becomes extinct, but a white cat comes in (the white lion, symbol of higher consciousness??); drones from the U.S. and something with Israel.

Laurel – chaos on west coast; Hillary – dead or more ill.

Carol – earth is a cesspool; pockets of repair; people are more authentic now; in U.S. many small communities functioning, getting roots, spreading; see healthy cells – it’s hard, but people know they’re going in the right direction; people creating connections, including connections with nature; lots of relearning.

Johanna – saw Germany and a red color; angry citizens gathering in the square -scared? China and people looking toward the sky or the horizon; pulsing white light at the bottom of the globe, reminds me of a fog light on the shore, the kind that guides ships (lighthouse).

Paul – chaos in the cities; shortages of food and water; disorganization; struggle; violence; darkness; issues with communications; no internet or _(electricity? power?)___; people talking face to face; written __(news? communications?)__ more than TV and radio.

Mary – earth is heating up; coastal flooding in Americas; communities relying more on the collective to live; grassroots governing; eastern way more prevalent in U.S.; U.S. congress more cooperative; there is a building of consciousness.

Rita – world hunger; wars; rebellions; drought; (I was distracted…) no money problems in U.S. but other parts of the world do have problems; water shortages; what good things are happening???; we are surviving.

Carrie – (deportation) centers busy??? _____; climate upheaval; U.S. financials reeling, spiraling downward; dollar devalued; loss of face; loss of worldwide clout; famine widespread, even in USA; turmoil, unrest; upset; riots and unrest over food and water; outlaws running things; hot, crowded despair.

Lisa – fires, __________; animals running; U.S. needy, needs money, is looking for money; __________ helping support U.S., but there is no money.

Rebecca – something about the World Trade Center comes up again; tsunami; flooding in Africa; animals running, herds frantic; no money, yet between people there seems to be prosperity; peace, and love among people; saw Ireland and Spain kissing! In Great Britain, the queen is dead; Sweden ____________.

Kyle – Hillary is in the news – a lot; there is war in Pakistan – many people dead; or maybe it was an earthquake.

Cindy – earthquakes; revolution in Middle East; young people want change, old people won’t give up power; political scandal is revealed, maybe a Tea Party scandal; tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick-tick as if we are almost out of time for something; England has news!; animals and birds are dying, especially in Russia and China regions.

Diana – people fighting; families trying to move back together (if not into same house, then same neighborhood or community); too many people and too few trains (trains are only real transportation available); no planes; no sports – no big public gatherings allowed; military curfews; is this America?; animals in confusion; poles switching?/ major solar eruptions and interruptions; people dazed.

JOURNEY #5 – DECEMBER 20, 2013

Tim – a hot spot somewhere; red?; glowing; wounded; a white background with a glowing red spot; silence, no sound!

Bobbie – global unrest; fighting; looting; government; fear; not knowing where to turn; food shortages; water shortages.

Shelly – see a candle, a white taper with a flame; then somebody blew it out and there is a city on top of the candle. People are afraid of being in the dark but they are not alone, they have one another.

Ray – nothing

Norm – fighting in Italy; waves of water, tidal waves; Europe domestic____; earth rumbles from a volcano; feel heat from lava flows; smoke blowing across the North American continent; stench makes it hard to breathe; feel scared; more drones; an aircraft carrier explodes.

Laurel – UFOs seen in daylight; strong sense of my body pulling forward; fires.

Carol – earth-based networks forming; creating earth-based technologies; sacred ceremonies worldwide!

Johanna – In an ocean, see _________ dark spot like a bruise on an apple; oil?; see blue sky, the world goes on despite the filth; ships headed toward the dark blob.

Paul – accident in southwest U.S.; meltdown or other very bad incident.

Mary – shift in consciousness that turns earth in the direction of healing; serious disaster is causing people to rally together – country?; people get it and feel enough is enough; who leads?; climate change is reducing earth’s population organically.

Rita – solar or sun flares are big and some areas of the world are disrupted; see an Arabic disaster; world economy improves.

Carrie – flooding, __(heat?)_, and drought; skirmish outbreaks; localized wars; unrest; U.S. military seriously underfinanced – bring the boys home; more unemployment; too many government regulations; impossible to support self and keep property; bank burned; wavy awareness of GMO health risks; distracted.

Lisa – a lot of water, Australia and islands in the South Pacific; U.S. money is okay; U.S. and Canada together;  ________   ___________ (colonial??); no unrest.

Rebecca – lots of trees, huge forests; my brother, Marshall, who died in 2007 is taking my hand and walking me through a place where the soil feels like shards of broken glass; I am not afraid; lots of smoke; a volcano erupted.

Kyle – extreme weather; extinctions; road rage and violent people

Cindy – people off the grid – makes the news; an airplane accident; the 99%/Occupiers come back into media.

Diana – droughts; money shortages; limited groceries; getting hotter; trees are suffering; world stillness (as in fewer storms); small houses are in vogue – people deserting big homes in droves; not enough doctors; people dying – major flu or disease spreads quickly.

JOURNEY #6 – JANUARY 9, 2014

Tim – healing; a forest fire; smoke; satellite in orbit; Russia.

Bobbie – blue; things slowing down; simplifying; quiet; people living in small groups; people helping each other;

Shelly – see a turtle hiding, trying to blend in; propaganda; trail of truth spilling from a wooden box full of light; see a flat, dark pool of ink (written media?); a mouse chewing a cord (a problem with a computer? Or, someone mousey is chewing through some kind of limit, perhaps because the mouse is setting itself free?); somebody standing up.

Ray – fighting over gun control; Middle East still in turmoil.

Norm – small groups gathering, like the old tribal ways; old ways of doing things without electricity; recall and honor the Elders; efforts to get their knowledge before they go; JY doing that; TB hurt, injured; a plane crashes; unsettled; Chinese navy close to U.S.; U.S. dollar devalued; economic chaos.

Laurel – working together to make things happen; brilliant stars; no technology??; pace very slow.

Carol – weather improving; government – is more of a global network; technology – is earth-based and in balance with nature; economy – all resources wholeheartedly shared.

Johanna – the world feels sharp, jagged, like it was dropped and parts shattered; southwest is scorched; Las Vegas is struggling – very few visitors; earthquake or volcano in northwest is doing some serious damage and causing havoc.

Paul – hurricane – massive; tens of thousands of people mobilizing to help; we have developed _(ways?)_ to deal with displaced people; portable, temporary shelters that are tent-like, yet very strong and self-contained; can be heated or cooled as needed.

Mary – education improving for all children; human rights are strong; global health is a focus; less hatred among religions; major spiritual leader emerges; earth pulsating.

Rita – many storms across the U.S.; no pipeline from the tar sands through the U.S.; more droughts; more rain in some places; more financial problems in various countries around the world.

Carrie – __(people are functioning?)__ outside the government; people protecting each other and feeding each other; regarding health, there was some kind of inoculation that was not trusted; health watch; feed selves outside system – with mushrooms??; numb at so many deaths; who’s in charge??; who’s controlling life and death?? Had a picture of a scene from the movie Soylent Green, where ‘nutrients’ were being recycled in order to feed people, which then re-infected those that ate it.

Lisa – purple, then nothing.

Rebecca – wind and solar energy cover large sections of the globe; a peace dove is flying overhead; Australia overwhelmed with hurricanes, floods, and disaster; Alaska’s natural resources are depleted; something about gold.

Kyle – people gathering in communal living; civil unrest in U.S. and martial law; many are not employed.

Cindy – big tragedy in the news these past few days; cars being recalled; China and the Middle East still a problem; Europe moving very slowly; Baltic Sea native in the news.

Diana – world is busy, caught up in making money; people trying to convince me not to move (don’t know why this became a world event instead of a personal event); dark clouds on the horizon; dust!!!; lost/wandering pets; from space we look like ants with no direction, no plan; insane trying to keep up with technology (as in not reliable or not available); volcanos rising, heating up; more water/less ice at north pole; Magick returns!! – as in pagan/Wiccan traditions, living in harmony with land; traditions returning – people are tired of consumerism and want peace and stability again.

Quick Summary of themes mentioned most often for 2013:

Massive unrest everywhere, including the U.S.; serious shortages of food and water; serious financial difficulties for the U.S.; major political scandal; a plane crash; heat and climate changes escalate; destructive storms, especially along the coast lines; massive flooding; some kind of serious natural disaster that makes life very difficult in the second half of the year, especially in the south and west or even globally (volcano, nuclear event, earthquake, or all of the above??); possible loss of internet and electricity; large numbers of people dying.

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