Overload vs. Payload

When I am caught up in the world, there is so much happening that I hardly know what to listen to, who to believe, what to spend time reading or watching, whether or not to worry about what I read or hear, or how to spend my precious time. I’m in overload. When I am outside in Nature, life seems simple, clear, and calm…open the greenhouse, plant the garden, mow the grass, sweep the patio, close the greenhouse, eat supper, go to bed because I’m all tuckered out from the physical work of the day. Everything I’ve done is more like a payload.

The Light Within

There is an old saying, or maybe it is an old teaching, that says we humans live in the dark. When I first heard this, I thought it was saying that we were not very enlightened, or perhaps not very bright in some intellectual way. Later I wondered if the saying was really referring to electricity or the lack of it in early days. Not until I entered into some very advanced states of consciousness did I realize how true the saying was – literally.

I was in the midst of some deep research into consciousness and was paying attention to every nuance of what was happening in my mind. I had been in this hyper-alert state for months and had maintained this watchfulness even when I went to bed. I would watch myself slip out of the body and enter into other dimensions of life and consciousness, noting carefully what I did, always believing that I was truly awake, but later waking up to what I thought was reality…only to wake up from that reality, and maybe even waking up again to discover I had only thought I was awake. The question in the back of my mind was, “How do I know when I’m really awake?”

One afternoon in late June it was hot and I was extremely tired. I decided to lay down for a brief nap. Napping was something I rarely did, but I had worked in the garden all morning and thought the nap would not only allow me to refresh my energies, it would give me another chance to observe consciousness out of the body and perhaps further my research. I climbed up on my bed and curled up on top of the cotton quilt. No coverlet was needed because it was so hot that day.

Within a few moments I slipped out of the body, but for some reason I didn’t go anywhere. I just stood beside the bed looking back at myself and had the thought, “She’s asleep, but I’m awake.”

A powerful voice right beside me startled me with the words, “No, you’re asleep and I’m awake!” I was so shocked that for a moment my consciousness fluttered from one body to the next – the one on the bed, the one standing beside the bed, and the one with the powerful voice standing next to me also beside the bed. As I fluttered back and forth, I was full of confusion. Who was speaking…and who was really awake? Then I merged fully into the consciousness of the one who had declared she was awake.

It is difficult to describe that experience because it was so very far beyond what we can easily imagine. First, it was a state of all-knowingness. To say I knew all things in complete detail without limit would be an understatement. For example, I knew every thread in the quilt on my bed, what country that cotton had come from, which field the cotton had been grown in, which cotton plant it had grown on, where that plant was located within that field, and which boll of cotton the thread had been in on that plant. I knew how much rain and fertilizer it had experienced, who picked it, who baled it, who washed and combed it, who spun it into thread, who dyed it, who wove it into fabric, who cut and pieced it into a quilt, and who shipped and sold it. Every thread was like a personal, private friend that I was intimately aware of.

The same was true of every single thing in my entire home and my environment. I knew the life and history of every piece of clothing in my closet, every two-by-four in the walls and every nail holding them together. I knew every bit of clay, glass, porcelain and metal in my dishes and silverware, and every vegetable, fruit, and cut of meat in my refrigerator or freezer. In the same way, I knew the siding on the house, the shingles on the roof, and every grain of silt, sand, and soil that covered the area in which I lived. I was a personal friend of every particle and molecule in existence and had been in intimate relationship with them for eternity.

It is difficult to imagine the power that is inherent in that state of consciousness. I turned to look across the fields and had only the window to look through. I felt a moment of impatience or irritation that the south wall of my home was in the way and I could not see because of it. In response to my thought wishing the wall away, the wall began to crumble and I could hear the entire building begin to groan and crack under the stress. Instantly, I realized what I had done, and just as instantly I reversed my thought, thanking the wall for being there, for holding up the roof, and for being of service. The crumbling stopped and the wall repaired itself!

The thing that is perhaps the easiest to get your mind around, is the fact that during this entire experience, a brilliant but soft golden light was coming from my body. It lit up the entire room and extended out through the walls of the building another 20 feet or so on each side. My bedroom was an old hayloft that was 30 ft. by 40 ft. and I estimate the light to have been at least 60 feet in diameter. I knew that the light went with me wherever I might go, and that this was what true enlightenment meant – being able to generate light from within the body.

We are all moving steadily toward becoming beings of light, and it is my wish this season that we might begin to grasp what that means in real, practical terms. It means being completely open and loving with one another – even loving the messy, crabby chaos of families during the holidays. It means trusting what you know and inviting more of that knowing into your mind and heart – even if that information contains hurt, sorrow, or disappointment. It means being willing to use our power with humility – even if we have to reverse what we have already said or done. Most of all, it means moving toward becoming more of what we already are – beings filled with light. While the sun is low on the horizon, and we wait for the winter solstice, may you light up the season of darkness with your inner light and send the glow of love in every direction during this holiday season!


This is a piece written by Sarah Bassin, former architect in New York. She sent it to me and said I could post it here. It says exactly what I’ve been thinking and reminding people of…

“Without a vision for your life you become just a cog, a number, someone who receives marching orders and carries them out dutifully without thinking about their own desire or passion. That is why vision is so powerful especially for young adults – to know they have a choice, that they can command what they want in this world, the experiences they want to draw to themselves.

“When we allow others (like the media – in the form of subliminal programming) to influence or form visions for us it is very dangerous. It is a form of mind control. It removes us from our own power, our own vision. It divides us from our selves, weakening us. It is an age old tactic and a very,  very powerful one – Divide and Conquer.

“So hold on to your dreams. Make space and time in your life for your visions, for visioning. Allow your creative powers of conjuring to rise to the surface. See the deep beauty in your innermost desires. Know that you are a powerful being and can create the world you desire around you simply by visioning!”

Our Predicament

At this point in time, I am quite excited about our world even though I have some concerns about the U.S. The world is definitely changing, but none of those changes are being reported in the U.S. Instead, we have the steady diet of propaganda and the presentation of seriously biased information that leaves us out of what the rest of the world is experiencing. My concern is that we are going to become the sole captives of a small group of sociopathic and psychopathic control freaks who will be forced to be content with whatever is left of the U.S. instead of being able to recognize their dreams of controlling the world. Since we no longer have a democracy – only the skeletal remains of one – we have only a few reasonable and workable options. The biggest one is to relentlessly pursue the re-institution of our constitution and another is to fight through the court system to correct those things that are a slap in the face of true democracy. Then there is the option of simply ignoring the government and going around it, building conscious communities that reconnect with Mother Earth and conduct themselves with dignity, integrity, justice, and joy.

Hard News

I read widely from newspapers and news outlets around the world. Even if we say that those outlets are handing out their own versions of propaganda, there are still so many interesting things happening around the rest of the planet that constitute what I call “hard news.” Hard news is something that involves real action, real documentation, or real decision-making, not just someone’s opinion or interpretation of the facts.

#1 The Chinese newspaper Xinhua reported that the Federal Reserve Board met and decided that banking institutions that had made unreasonably risky investments (as in billions of dollars worth of derivatives) would have to keep that risk if things went badly and there was another financial crisis. They could not pass the problem onto American taxpayers or anyone else. This leaves few options for these too-big-to-fail banks…either go under when these risks blow up, or take the derivatives off their books!

#2 The APEC Conference taking place in China has been presented in the U.S. as something that the U.S. was ‘almost’ in charge of. It was made to look like the point of the conference was to set up another free trade agreement with countries in Asia. No mention was made of the fact that during the conference Russia and China decided to sell and trade oil in Chinese yuan – not American dollars. The days of the dollar being the world’s reserve currency are over, but no one is telling us that. Be prepared for a change in the money system…unless the U.S. wants to join the rest of the world in creating a basket of currencies, which would then give us an excuse to simply erase all the false debt on the American financial books.

Robes Excerpt #2

“Each individual is a unique filter of the frequencies that surround the human body/mind system. Each human brain is a radio receiver responding to the matrix of waves and energy flowing through and around it.

“The brain’s job is to help the human body respond appropriately to the ocean of frequencies it lives in, and be a tool by which you explore those frequencies and the possibilities within them. To do so is literally to explore the possibilities of the Self. The process is meant to be shared with others in the way you used to share when you were children by saying, ‘Hey, look what I found… Hey, look what I can do… You can probably do it too.’

“However, instead of asking others what they see or what they have found, you have all gotten into the habit of trying to tell others what they see, hear, feel, or have found! Rather than exploring the nature of the way you filter and interpret these frequencies, you spend your time arguing about who has the correct interpretation of them, and thus, who has the correct version of reality. There is no attitude of discovery, and gone are the challenges you used to present to one another when you were six or perhaps ten years old and shouted freely, ‘Hey, can you do this…? “The truth of the matter is that each of you has assessed and interpreted the reality correctly, but this interpretation is correct only for you. Others may or may not filter and interpret the reality in quite the same way. Perhaps they can is they want to, but it isn’t necessary. If two or more of you end up with very similar perceptions of reality, then you have the possibility of sharing something for a while.

“The most important goal is to explore the reality openly, to stretch deeply into yourself to find things that you might be interested in experiencing, to create those experiences and evaluate them, then bring all that you have discovered back into the whole self who waits for your return and joyously accepts the gifts of wisdom and knowledge that you bring.

“Therefore, we ask you to consider the following: What do you suppose the results might be if, instead of negating subjectivity, you used it as one of your most powerful variables in scientific searches and applications? What do you suppose you might learn about yourselves, your world, and your reality? What might you discover about the hidden or unexpected capabilities of some individuals? And how might you use that new knowledge or these skills to continue exploring and moving toward your own evolution, and acceptance of yourselves as full creators?”

(from Robes – A Book of Coming Changes, pg. 171-72)

Perceptions and questions these days…

Have we forgotten our manners? What kind of arrogance goes so far as to make anyone think they have the right to bomb someone’s car or home?!

What a difference Mendocino CA is from other places in the world! They have voted in a law that says each of us has the right to self-governance, and that such a  right is primary over big government. This reminds me that all government governs by the consent of the governed.

In sorting out the uproar over Luxembourg as a tax haven my thoughts ran like this… “Yeah…so what? There have always been tax havens…I’d want a tax haven too, if I had money. Why shouldn’t they have an opportunity to get away from government and all those stupid taxes?” But then I started thinking a little deeper, and my thoughts shifted. “Probably most of the people with money are the big businessmen running the government… you’d think they would be smart enough to take down laws that impose so many taxes… but if they took down tax laws, how would they impose taxes on us – the so-called common people who work our buns off and have so little to show for it partly because we have to pay so many taxes… come to think of it, why should they be able to hide money when we can’t? It’s not fair! How dare they try to sneak money into tax havens!!”

A friend was complaining about the takeover by the Republicans in our recent elections. “Don’t worry,” I said to him. “In two years people will be running the Republicans out of town and replacing them with Democrats, which probably won’t do any good because there’s no difference between them. Nothing is going to get better until people wake up and realize that the two-party system is nothing but a distraction from the real work of running one’s life, making wise decisions, helping your neighbor, and keeping your word.”

Speaking of Republicans, government has now spilled so far out of bounds that it has become a shapeless, useless, meaningless glob of rules that contradict themselves in every direction. Government should be about wise leadership for a group. A government that is running drugs, food systems, businesses, prison systems, education, the climate, and medicine is no longer government, it’s a  disaster!