Consciousness & Energy Vol. 3 - Religion, Sex, Power, & the Fall of Consciousness (EBOOK - PDF)

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Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 3 - Religion, Sex, Power and the Fall of Consciousness is the third in a trilogy of books presenting extraordinary research into consciousness, energy, and human transformation.

When her mother, her sister, her research associate, her hero, and her religion all die in one year, author and researcher into consciousness, Penny Kelly, begins a search for something that will anchor her life in the way that mothers, siblings, co-workers, friends, and belief systems do. Her search leads unexpectedly into a world of tangled information about the history of humanity that takes her back through thousands of years of civilization. As she works her way through one set of shocks, lies, and disappointments after another, Kelly begins to see the threads of connection to an ancient civilization that has been both recognized,  well-documented...and well hidden. As these threads begin to weave themselves into a completely new view of reality, she realizes exactly why this history has been hidden.

Gradually she sees that 2000 years ago there was a massive effort on the part of the early Christians to force a particular religion on the masses. What was destroyed in this new religions was humanity's bond with Nature, the truth about higher consciousness and human potential, the rights of women, and ancient techniques for advancing consciousness. Because these techniques were often sexual, thre was a deliberate effort to limit sexuality by loading it with shame and guilt. The result has been a tragic loss of personal power, the loss of our goals as a civilization, and the ongoing suppression of our true history, which is the foundation of our future.

This is a no-holds-barred book about religion, sex, power, and consciousness. It could not have been written without Kelly's extensive experience with kundalini, her extraordinary research into consciousness, and her critical ability to synthesize information. It presents an entirely different view of history, the true nature of reality, what is possible within it, what we used to be, and what we are doing here on this planet.

Published 2015