Tea & Consciousness

As Penny is currently not offering one-on-one or private consultations, the best way to reach Penny is via the Tea & Consciousness Webinars. It is offers a 4x/month and is an opportunity for everyone to ask Penny 1 questions on any topic of their choice such as current events, dreams, personal issues, etc. It's an online conversation about all things consciousness, intuition, perception, intelligence, and spirituality. So, bring your coffee, tea, or other good drink along with your questions, dreams, and ideas and join us for a conversation! 

REGISTRATION:  the FEBRUARY 2023 Tea & Consciousness (T&C) will OPEN for registration on Wednesday, 01 February 2023 @ 5pm ET

February 2023 Schedule:

- 1st Tea: Wednesday, 08 February 2023 @ 7-9pm ET

- 2nd Tea: Wednesday, 15 February 2023 @ 1-3pm ET (Extended, see description)

- 3rd Tea: Wednesday, 15 February 2023 @ 7-9pm ET (Extended and Newbies only, see description)

- 4th TeaWednesday, 22 February 2023 @ 7-9 pm ET (Patreon only)

If you attended a January Tea, please do NOT sign up for February Teas to allow others to sign up. Thank you!

Questions about the Tea? visit our FAQ - Tea & Consciousness

Please note:

1. There are 4 Webinars offered every month. As these Webinars are very much in demand, you can choose to attend any 1 of the 4 Webinars.(but not 2 or 3!) This way, everyone has an opportunity to attend a T&C and ask Penny a question.

2. If you purchase more than 1 Webinar / month, it will be refunded to your account. *

3. If you purchase the NEWBIES T&C but have previously attended a T&C Webinar, it will be refunded to your account. *

4. One registration is for 1 space in the Webinar. If other members of a family or friends want to attend, they must also register separately.

5. The space is NOT transferable to someone else. If you cannot attend, please send your question to us via email.

6. A couple of days before the Webinar, you'll receive an email with the information & Zoom links to join the Webinar as well as instructions. Make sure you are ‘subscribed’ to our Newsletter, as the information will be distributed via this Newsletter App.

7. To view our REFUND Policy, please click here.  

     * minus 10% fee that is charged to us by Paypal / Credit Card companies