Tea & Consciousness

If you're interested in asking Penny a few questions about consciousness, intuition, health, personal & relationship issues, etc, sign up for one of the Tea & Consciousness sessions. Occurring four times per month, each session is an opportunity for you to ask Penny for her intuitive insight regarding one or two questions on any topic of your choice. It's an online conversation about all things consciousness, intuition, perception, intelligence, and spirituality. So, bring your coffee, tea, or other good drink along with your questions and ideas and join us for a conversation! 

If you attended a Tea last month, please do NOT sign up this month in order to allow space for others to join. Thank you!

REGISTRATION: Advance notice of registration is a benefit we offer to our paid Patreon subscribers. If you want to know when the registration opens, find us on Patreon!

Questions about the Tea? visit our  FAQ - Tea & Consciousness

Please note:
  1. There are up to 4 sessions offered each month. These sessions are in high demand, so you can choose to attend any ONE of the four sessions - but not 2 or 3. This way, everyone has an opportunity to attend a T&C and ask Penny their questions.
  2. If you purchase more than ONE session per month, all but one will be refunded to your account.
  3. Each participant has 10 minutes to interact with Penny. 
  4. One registration is for ONE space in the Webinar. If other members of your family or friends want to attend, they must register separately.
  5. The space is NOT transferable to someone else. If you cannot attend, please send your questions to us via email (info@pennykelly.com) OR you may also request a refund.
  6. A couple of days before the session, you'll receive an email with the information & Zoom links to join the Webinar as well as instructions.
  7. To view our REFUND Policy, please click here.