Penny Kelly & Team

Penny Kelly is an author, teacher, publisher, consultant, Naturopathic physician, and researcher of consciousness. Early in her career she was an engineer for Chrysler Corporation, but left there in 1979 after a full, spontaneous awakening of kundalini to study the brain, consciousness, intelligence, intuition, and cognition. This was followed by 18 years of work as an educational consultant specializing in Accelerated and Brain-Compatible Teaching and Learning, working with both schools and corporations.

After purchasing acreage in 1987, she raised grapes for Welch Foods for a dozen years while also building Lily Hill Farm, now a large B&B. She worked with Dr. Wm. Levengood, biophysicist, for 15 years, studying materials from crop circles, animal mutilations, and extraterrestrial landing sites, as well as researching plasma, energy, and consciousness.

Penny was involved in starting Community Gardening in Kalamazoo and Battle Creek, MI through grants from the Kellogg Foundation, and she was a member of the Tipping Point Network whose focus is sustainability in all sectors of life. She maintains a worldwide counseling and coaching practice, teaches a half-dozen courses in Developing Intuition - The Gift of Consciousness, as well as courses in Organic Gardening, and Getting Well Again Naturally. She produces regular videos for Patreon, YouTube, and BitChute, and travels widely to speak and teach.  

Penny holds a degree in Humanistic Studies from Wayne State University and a degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Clayton College of Natural Health. She is the mother of four children has co-written or edited 23 books with others, and has written 11 books of her own:

  • The Evolving Human: A True Story of Awakened Kundalini
  • The Elves of Lily Hill Farm: A Partnership with Nature
  • Robes: A Book of Coming Changes
  • Getting Well Again From The Soil To The Stomach
  • Consciousness and Energy, Vol 1, Multi-dimensionality and A Theory of Consciousness
  • Consciousness and Energy, Vol 2, New Worlds of Energy
  • Consciousness and Energy, Vol 3, Religion, Sex, Power, and the Fall of Consciousness
  • Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 4, Trump, The Sting, The Catastrophe Cycle, and Consciousness
  • Child of the Brown Earth – a small book of poems about connecting to Mother Nature
  • Planet Earth - Her People, History and Current Dilemma
  • The Revival - A Path to A New Earth / New Human