When I was very little…

When I was a very little girl, I sometimes went grocery shopping with my mother. This consisted of going to a small general store where she stood at a counter and told the man behind the counter which items to get from the shelves behind him. Sometimes he had to get on a ladder to reach something, but when everything was on the counter, he weighed things, added it all up, we paid him, and left.

Then we went to the butcher shop where my mother would ask, “Whose beef (ham, bacon, lamb, chicken) do you have today?” She knew the habits, farming, and husbandry skills of those who raised meat, and this was critical information in deciding what to buy.

From there we went to the local mill to pick up bags of flour and other grains. The bags were made of brightly colored cotton fabric, and we didn’t pick our wheat they way we did our beef. No…we were more interested in the fabric bags and what sort of aprons, quilts, or other items might be made from them once the flour was gone.

Depending on the season, we would drive to this or that farm to buy strawberries, raspberries, or cherries, later blueberries or peaches, and still later apples, pumpkins, or cider.

Milk was delivered twice a week in glass bottles with small cardboard plugs as caps, and we carefully separated the 3 or 4 inches of cream at the top of each quart so we could make butter, have cream for my father’s coffee, or whip it to make whipped cream for cherry compote or apple crisp.

Vegetables were grown in the garden, and if we didn’t grow it, we didn’t eat it. Buying other people’s vegetables was considered somewhere between silly and stupid. Everything had to be made from scratch – bread, cakes, cookies, casseroles, candy – and we carefully gathered then canned a few select items, froze a lot of things, or dried what we thought we might need over the winter. This included things that might be needed for healing, because going to the doctor was reserved mostly for those who were dying.

I was somewhere between 8 and 10 years old when the first Kroger Store opened in our area. People flocked to it. It was a marvel of food-at-your-fingertips. We went there for a few things but could not afford the prices there so continued our established way of life for quite some time.

I remember the first time I smelled pizza baking in an oven. I was about 12 years old at the time and became so nauseated that I had to leave and go outside. When it was time to eat, I could not eat it because I couldn’t stand the smell. I had a similar reaction to McDonald’s hamburgers, which arrived on the scene when I was about fifteen.

I left home at eighteen and moved to the big city – Detroit, where I got my first job in a computer/keypunch office. I was in love with Detroit, and although my path has taken me to many unusual places in these United States, I still love Detroit in the way we all remember a first love and its impact on us.

When I think about my earliest years and the way life used to be, I wonder…are we ready to roll with the changes coming our way? In the few years of my own brief life I have gone from the self-sufficiency of growing and gathering much of the food we ate, making most of our clothing and household items, building the house we lived in, doing all of our own healing, and repairing whatever equipment we owned… to a lifestyle in the city that I sometimes look back on as my own period of “calico cosmopolitan”…to a lifestyle that is becoming more and more reliant on digital everything.

I absolutely LOVE computers! This includes printers, cell phones, the internet, and all the amazing possibilities that arise from digital technology. The digital era is the one in which we will learn some of the basic lessons of advanced consciousness, specifically…

  • that we can be wildly creative with technology, which is highly feminine (the nature of consciousness is to create emotion and feeling)
  • that there is constant communication going on via the Internet (the nature of intelligence is to communicate and cooperate)
  • that there is not really any such thing as privacy (how can you have telepathy without an open field of communication?)
  • that there is a tendency for groups of similar intelligence to self-organize into functioning units (groups of particles that behave as if they were all one are known as plasma, and plasma responds directly to consciousness, a fact that makes us responsible for the effects we have on ourselves)
  • that trying to maintain an attitude of hero-worship or a hierarchical stance of, “I’m better/more important/smarter/richer/more famous/more deserving than you does not work over the long-term (because open recognition is necessary for existence and if all recognition is focused on the hero or the guy at the top of the pyramid, the base will collapse due to self-neglect.) In general, we humans simply do not yet have a strong enough sense of self to recognize and constantly regenerate the Self without recognition coming in from others.

There are other aspects of the digital world that will drag us forward in consciousness, not the least of which is that anything not based on the self-regenerating power of love will simply not sustain.

If the entire digital world of the internet went down tomorrow, would we be able to continue developing the skills of advanced consciousness that the digital symbolizes? Maybe. Some would revert to the past and lose whatever gains in consciousness they made, but some of us will never go back.

If things hold together enough that we all keep moving forward, we could be on the threshold of realizing some of our most exciting visions. We might find ourselves living in a world where everything is new and different, from money and government to food, education, transport, and community. We might find ourselves communicating with and even visiting beings from other places, other dimensions, other times.

And if we can’t make those kinds of gains right away and must back up a bit, there is no reason that a return to the local food gathering practices of the past would not go perfectly with the communication of the digital age…along with finding handmade items to wear, coming up with people who have the gift of repair (they can fix everything from bodies to houses to plumbing and lawnmowers), local artisans and musicians who can make us laugh or swoon, and spiritual leaders who help us renew ‘The Everyday’ with meaning and perspective of a whole new kind…the kind that recognizes each of us while nurturing us toward a more expansive consciousness.

Critical Thinking

I was still a “sweet young thang” of 24 years, still listening to parents, the church, the government, the schools, everyone but myself, when I had a small but pivotal experience. I had an older friend, a woman that I was slightly afraid of because she tended to chew people up and spit them out on a regular basis. At least that was how I thought of her back then. Nevertheless, I liked her because she always seemed so clear about what she thought and wanted.

One day I read an article in the newspaper. It was brief and had to do with international relationships. I can’t remember now exactly what it said, but at the time, I was upset or unsettled and thought it was important for my friend to know about as well, so I took it to her and insisted she read it. When she did, I began spouting my opinions and attitudes about the article, only to be cut off at the knees when she handed it back to me and fired off a barrage of questions, “What do you know about the guy who wrote this? What is his agenda? Why does he use those particular words? How is he trying to hook you? Who benefits from this deal? Look at the bias of the newspaper itself! What does the article imply? What is it trying to get you to believe…to think…to feel? What is the history of international relationships between these countries? Where does this fit in the bigger picture of life and government and other countries today?”

I stood there in shock. Her questions implied that I did not know nearly enough to have an opinion of anything! They also implied that I had not done my homework. I was dismayed that I would have to do so much more work and pay attention to so many more boring details instead of allowing myself to get all worked up over a few juicy tidbits put out there solely to get me in a froth.

I only remember saying to her, “Where did you learn to think like that???” Suddenly, I wanted to see why things happened and know the understand the underbelly of life as it flowed through me and others.

What she presented that day was a small example of critical thinking. It is something we need right now in the U.S. If we don’t know HOW we have arrived at our present state of affairs…if we don’t know the hidden side of why people do what they do…if we aren’t looking outside the framework presented in a solitary news story… if we aren’t assembling a bigger picture of what is going on than the picture presented by the “authorities”… then we have not learned to think for ourselves or reached the point of critical thinking and will make serious mistakes in our choices for the future.

The Emperor Has No Clothes?

I happened to read a statement today that said student loans were the top asset of the U.S.Government after land and people. If there was ever a time when the the old saying about the emperor having no clothes could be said, this might be that time! Our government has no real assets (clothes)!!

Trust me, I know that bookkeeping systems classify money owed to you as money that should eventually come in on the positive side of the ledger. But the keywords here are “should” and “eventually.” First, who in their right mind would structure their budget and base their hopes for a secure future on such massive debt? Second, what system would base their future on massive debts owed to them by people who cannot pay because that same system has not made a single decision to benefit those people in years???

Journey Back to Love

There’s a live symposium happening! Hosted by Suzy Miller and Sandie Sedgbeer, this is a multi-day event offered for those on a spiritual journey. There are seven other speakers besides myself and we will be talking about how to transform your beliefs about love, success and freedom, how to put fears and failures behind you. Join us today at 2:00 p.m.!


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Trump the New Wife

Let’s imagine for a moment that you got a divorce and later met someone new that you fell in love with. Let’s say that this new love in your life already had children from a first marriage and that they ranged in age from 10 to 18 years of age. Let’s also say that you are enthusiastically focused on your new love and decide to get married. You look forward to spending time with a loving partner and assume that life will be better for both of you. However, after the marriage, you discover that the children are hostile. They are telling lies and awful stories to the ex-wife, their teachers, their friends,  the therapist, and the courts. These stories are not only untrue, they are based on childish points of view, immature perspectives, and old unresolved angers. How would you feel? What would you say? Donald Trump is in exactly this same situation.

The 2016 election was NOT about Trump, it was about we the people of the U.S. choosing to face and end the evils of financial corruption, child sacrifice, and sex trafficking. Mainstream news has not wanted to touch these topics except to say they are fake news. Why? I would think they’d be interested in bringing such charges to the surface, investigating, airing things out and getting to the bottom of such problems so we can heal and move forward peaceably. Instead mainstream media are going out of their way to destroy Trump.

The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, Daily Kos, Moveon.org (both Daily Kos and Moveon are supported by George Soros) and others are pouring out a steady stream of headlines and information that is SO negative and SO biased it’s likely to trigger a backlash and create exactly the opposite effect they are trying to bring about. Of the headlines that arrive in my inbox every day from U.S. mainstream media, a large percentage are blatant attacks on our government. Here is a small sampling from the past few days:

Trump Revealed Highly Classified Intelligence to Russia, in Break With Ally, Officials Say – (Did he really? If our president can’t discuss classified information with other leaders and officials, then who can? What about Hilary Clinton’s sale of classified information to other countries? Who is the classified information for if not our elected officials? What is the point of collecting it if he can’t use it when necessary? I know it can be seen as naïve of me, but if transparency and honesty were valued, we wouldn’t be engaged in sneaky, “classified” operations in the first place!)

Trump’s Fraudulent Voter-Fraud Commission  (Who says it’s fraudulent? Is it any more fraudulent than the shenanigans of the Democratic National Committee and the way they stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders?)

A Strong Case Against a Pesticide Does Not Faze E.P.A. Under Trump (Uh-huh…like Obama, and Bush, and Clinton were any different?)

When the World Is Led by a Child (This article is so vicious, so below-the-belt insulting that it’s hard to comprehend why anyone would print it in the first place. The article concludes with a statement that says Trump is a danger to the country…and completely overlooks the fact that this kind of writing is more of a danger to our country than 20 Trumps would ever be.)

How Trump Hurts the Spying Business (This article decries the tarnishing of America’s image as the ‘last, best hope of the world’ while proceeding to tear apart Trump and the current government…as if America had only been tarnished in the last 100 days. Anyone paying attention is aware that the real tarnishing started 16 years ago with the destruction of the Trade Center buildings by our own government.)

Trump White House is a Horror Movie with Hordes of Leakers and One Scary Clown (This story is so poorly written and so obviously distorted that it doesn’t deserve any comment at all. I was reminded that many newspapers and magazines know that approximately 70% of the people read only the headlines, so they try to get their digs in by juicing up the headlines in terrible ways.)

Students at Notre Dame Plan to Take Back Their Graduation from its Horrible Speaker – Mike Pence  (The author here tries to say that Republican speakers interfere with the graduates’ right to celebrate their academic success. She concludes by saying it would be nice if Pence ended up speaking to an empty room because everyone walked out. What does this teach the younger generation about how to treat people???)

Anderson Cooper to Trump Lackey Jeffrey Lord: If Trump Took a Dump on His Desk You’d Defend It (Disgusting! This is so low-class it’s pathetic! I wanted to cry at the ugliness of how we are talking about one another!!)

All of these are deeply negative, insulting to our government, and serve only to spread worry, fear, negativity, anger, distrust, poor attitudes, and severe biases designed to distort people’s perceptions and bring out the worst in us.

Something Very Interesting to Watch

While teaching Intuition classes last week the subject of the future came up and I was reminded of a lecture I watched last year about Paul Amadeus Dienach. Dienach lived in the early 1900s and experienced a 365-day spell of narcolepsy during which he went into the future to the year 3906. While there, he was schooled about the history of where civilization had been and what had happened between the early 1900s and the 3900s. It is an amazing story with some VERY interesting information! The lecture is called Memories From the Future: The Valley of the Roses and is 2 hours long. It was a lecture given at the A.R.E. in Virginia around 2013. There’s a book titled Chronicles From the Future available on Amazon that contains the entire story. If you haven’t already seen it, you might enjoy watching it on a Sunday afternoon orevening. Here is the link:

So Sorry, Mr. Soros

So sorry, Mr. Soros and other Globalists, but your attempts to set up Globalism have made us all into global citizens with global perception! We see and hear 360°; we get the big picture. Did you think we were all going to maintain 1950-style ideas and worldviews? Those worldviews were infantile. Perhaps if you had gone about things differently, we might have been able to work together. Perhaps the problem is that major portions of your plan were launched during and after the big World Wars when you worked hard to sell the idea of Nationalism in order to get people to join the army or navy and keep fighting. This probably made it seem that turning the ship of Nationalism would be impossible and therefore you would have to be sneaky with your new program to collapse it and turn us all into New World Order people. If you hadn’t been so busy mopping up after the war back then, you might have been able to think clearly. You might have been able to enlist our support for a new plan. After all, why wouldn’t we want to come together? Why wouldn’t we want to live in peace? Why wouldn’t we love to be in communication with our brothers and sisters around the globe? Why wouldn’t we want to resolve world problems together and help create an ideal world?

When I heard David Rockefeller say he was proud of what he was trying to do in creating the New World Order, I was stunned. He thought he was doing something good! When I really looked at the basics of the NWO, some of it was reasonable…some was even pretty high-minded stuff! So why did you guys sneak around behind our backs? Why didn’t you involve us in the process? We are an intelligent people. We see the over-population, the suffering, the wars, lack of development, hunger, and misunderstanding. We live the frustrations of our morbidly obese system! Why did you leave us out of what intimately affects us all? And for god’s sake, why would you do something as ass-backwards as trying to dumb people down? Why not develop them to a high degree in order to get cooperation and creativity? Not doing so was your biggest mistake.