What Good Are You…?

What good are you, Government, with your patriot laws and

constitutional facades, when you cannot stop the flare of false flags

as regular as morning dew?


What good are you, Newspaper, with your drama and drivel,

when you cannot discern the difference

between propaganda and news?


What good are you, Big Pharma, with your miracle pills and

magic suppression of symptoms, if the make-believe cure

is worse than the original disease?


What good are you, Big Ag, with your rolling acres of corn and soy,

if all you can offer is paper food that fails to nourish

the bodies you claim to be growing for?


What good are you, Weatherman, with your computer models and

climate data, when you are not the one

controlling the weather?


What good are you, Mr. Ed, with your classroom theories and

petty cliques, when all you accomplish is lockstep thought that

never ventures outside the box?


What good are you, Master Fed, with your printing presses and trillions of dollars,

when you cannot balance a single checkbook, half of us are hungry,

and you reserve all of the money for a handful of crooked dealers?


What good are you, Science, with your complex algorithms and fancy theorems,

if everything you say has been bought and paid for and

nothing you proclaim nurtures daily reality?


What good are you, Corporation, with your fat paychecks and fancy profits,

when your soulless routines and habitat destruction

squeeze the creative spark out of every soul?


What good are you, Facebook, with your social media and meta connections,

if nothing of passion or prejudice is allowed and we all mince words

to match your definitions of political and social correctness?

© 6.29.2016 Penny Kelly

Using Conspiracy Theory to Advantage

There are two ways to view events in our world. One is that things just happen naturally, the other is that there is a hidden hand manipulating things to their advantage. The first is called the accidental theory of events, the second is called the conspiracy theory of historical events. Mainstream media has managed to give a bad name to those who think there is a hidden hand manipulating events in our world today. From my point of view, the majority of those deeply poo-pooed “conspiracy theories” turn out to be true. So I have been wondering if we might take the whole idea of conspiracy theory and make it our own, conspire to construct the future we want, and then, if the powers that be get upset or try to blame us for anything, we can accuse them of believing in those silly conspiracy theories!

Home Again

I have returned home from my trip to California and the Contact In The Desert conference. It was quite an experience! Patty Greer made a documentary called The Crop Circle Diaries that featured herself and myself in a wonderfully engaging format that moved back and forth as she talked about her experiences in over 100 crop circles and I talked about my work with Dr. Wm. Levengood. Levengood was the scientist who studied plants, seeds, and soils from crop circles and made some astonishing discoveries. People raved about the movie, I got to be a star for a day, and like I said, it was quite the experience! If you’d like to order the movie, go to Patty’s website – http://www.pattygreer.net. Of course, if you’d like to read about my work with Levengood, it’s in Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 2.

The NY Times headline said…

…”Mitt Romney and John McCain Denounce Donald Trump as a Danger to Democracy” and my instant gut reaction was, “There is no worse threat to democracy than John McCain!” My second thought was, “Maybe they’re right in the sense that Trump is a huge threat to the sham democracy McCain and Romney want to keep in place because it serves their secret agenda.”

Moral of the story: There’s a little truth in everything!

Permission to Change

I work with people all of the time all over the world and one of the things I find that is needed everywhere and by almost everyone is permission to change, permission to acknowledge what we know or what we want, permission to update ourselves and our ideas, perceptions, and personal do’s and don’ts. Life changes us. Love changes us. So let yourself change! Explore… investigate… try new ideas along with new clothes and new technology. It’s time for a personal update. A new world needs new people.

Ideology and Idiotology

I have concluded that we do not have an ideology, we have an idiotology. Ideology is defined as:  “A system of ideas and ideals, especially one that forms the basis of economic or political theory and policy..”

According to Louis Althusser, ideology “can be described as a set of conscious and unconscious ideas that make up one’s beliefs, goals, expectations, and motivations.”

Our current idiotology is based on belief in:  the Capitalist system, the Male-dominant system, Wars forever, Progress based on debt, Failing to Feed people, Medicine that causes health problems, Education that constricts consciousness, Business that competes, Allowing 1% of the people to own everything, Destruction of the environment, Religions based on rules made up by humans, Monsanto et al.