Live Class - Intuition 7 - Power, Wisdom, and Evolved Consciousness | Oct 18-19-20, 2024

$350.00 USD

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PREREQUISITE:  Intuition 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6 REQUIRED

If you purchase this class but have NOT completed the previously mentioned prerequisite courses, we will issue a refund minus a 10% fee.

DATE: October 18, 19 & 20, 2024

DAYS: Friday, Saturday & Sunday

TIME: 2:00 to 6:00 pm ET (New York time zone)

PLACE:  Live Online


1. A few days before the course, you'll receive an email with Zoom links as well as further information about the course.

2. Registration is for 1 space in the course. If other members of your family or friends want to attend, they must also register.

3. Participants often miss a few hours or a full day over the weekend course due to other personal commitments. All participants will have access to the course recordings using links that will be sent via email so you can review the content you have missed. 

4. To view our Cancellation Policy, please click here.


When you are out in the world on a daily basis, you often run into people who are tired, crabby, arrogant, fearful, etc. Too often you will end up irritated and wanting to run away or feeling that they have no right to take out their frustrations on you, which leads you to waste your energy reacting. This leaves you feeling as tired, crabby, arrogant, or fearful as they are! The result is not only a loss of energy, but a serious misuse of power. In this class, the focus is on opening yourself to carry the burdens of power while learning to use it wisely and well. How many of us ever ask - or try to answer the questions, "What is power?" and "How best do I use my power to create and sustain reality?"

To answer these questions, we begin by taking a deep look at the world, its people, the institutions that exist in our time, and the events that unfold in "The Everyday." We continue with a guided imagery session designed to be used for healing the self, and we follow this with a discussion of "naming." There is an ongoing exploration of past lives and multi-dimensional existence while also looking at how other people use their power. We explore the true basis of power and how to recognize episodes of unlimited power, examine your personal perceptions of the world and what you are contributing as well as learning, and discuss what it means to enter into what is known as Christ consciousness or Buddha mind. We will practice communicating without your native language, seeing "what is" and listening to "what hasn't been said." We will practice shifting emotions instantly, and work toward re-establishing your inner authority. This class leads to discovery of new levels of Self, tapping into alternate channels of information, and an examination of your role in this reality system.

Not only will you discover more about the hidden potentials of consciousness, you will refine your core self and learn to flex your consciousness in ways that free you to be totally present...all of which form the basis for freedom, love, compassion, wisdom, and especially power!