3rd, 4th & 5th Dimensions (March 2023)

This is Penny's current exploration of the 3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions and the differences between them. It is updated regularly so keep an eye out and check in regularly!

Updated: 30 March 2023


3rd Dimension

4th Dimension

5th Dimension

Full physical denseness

Full physical denseness

Less physical denseness


Cooperative – beginning

Cooperative – complete


Corrective – of matter and materials

Corrective – of matter and the interactions of energy

Utilitarian – uses whatever material is at hand regardless of consequences

Beginning generative – creates items that integrate with life in a nurturing, healthy way

Fully generative – creates stable, healthy, beautiful environments and fills all needs with items generated from the field of energy around them

Aggressive, warlike.

Defensive only.

Defensive and sometimes transdimensional.

Based on Winner Takes All

Based on Do No Harm

Based on Do No Harm and Create/Correct balance among systems & worlds

Communication limited to written, recorded, or actual voice and vision

Telepathic communication

Telepathic, psychokinetic, telekinetic

Ignores or is unaware of the energy basis of all things

Able to use and predict energy and its interactions

Able to use, create, and predict energy, and transform energy interactions

Short-lived, perhaps 70-80 yrs

Long-lived, up to 2-5x

Very long-lived, eternal

Make a living

Make a world

Heal a world

Individualist; pull yourself up with bootstraps


Integrative, one with all things. All needs filled by the culture, therefore all work is with groups to improve life for all.

Victim mentality

Personal responsibility

Creator mentality

Confined to the planet


Interstellar, and some are transdimensional

Unaware of other dimensions

Interacts with 3rd dimension, limited interaction with 5th dimension

Interacts with 4th & 6th dimensions. Will help 3rd dimension if there is a need.

Is Dark, depends on outside electrical energy or batteries for any form of light other than the sun.

Generates partial Light, and uses both outside electrical energy as well as another form that I could not identify, but is always on, does not cast shadows, is very soft, and is about the brightness of a 50-watt light bulb.

Is Luminous, generates intense light from within, and uses a form of energy that I thought was based on the manipulation of fields of plasma.

Focus almost entirely on the past, and believe they cannot see the future

Focus on the present, but are aware of both past and the many possible futures that they can chose from.

These people have moved beyond time as 3D people think of it. They are multi-dimensional and move among various configurations of situational frequency sets  at will.

Clothing is laborious to make, to clean, and to repair, does not often fit well, and does not last long.

Clothing is “assembled” quickly, always fits well, some of it is self-cleaning, each 4D group has characteristic clothing.

Clothing is individually fitted, is conscious, self-cleaning, contains energetic structures that perform a variety of functions – healing, warm-cool, energy feeds, physical prowess such as lifting, running, jumping, etc.  More to be learned here. It is sometimes appears to be made of light.

Actions are done as if they have mechanical effects only.

Actions are done as if they have both mechanical effects and energetic impacts, which they do.

Actions are done as symbols of energetic intervention. Attention goes into choosing mechanical and energetic effects that can be expressed by symbols carrying meaning at many levels of reality over the long- and short-term, as well as effects on neighboring dimensions and their reality systems.

Create huge amounts of waste.

Seek to reduce waste or re-use all material.

No waste created. Matter is synthesized directly from Source and dissolved back into Source when finished with the material.

Eats food in large quantities and often of poor quality in order to collect enough frequencies to live.

Eats food in small quantities of superior quality, often grown specifically for the individuals.

Will often eat a high-density nutrition paste, and also take in regenerative energies directly from the environment, clothing, and technology worn or implanted.

Frequent sexual activity with little regard for the possibility of pregnancy. People believe it is their right to have sex, bear children, and abort them.

Some sexual activity but with great care to avoid unplanned or unwanted pregnancy. All children are by choice.

Some sexual activity; mostly used as healing & re-tuning experience; pregnancy rare; babies are cloned to high-level DNA specifications.

Children often abused, ignored, or misunderstood.

Children raised with care and full attention.

Children raised as treasures with full development of consciousness at very early ages.

Education is lockstep and destructive to the full development of the human.

Education is individually tailored to the child and its natural abilities.

Accelerated, brain-compatible education individually tailored to each child; telepathy, telekinesis, and other skills of consciousness emphasized.

Organized religions and their beliefs and biases are supported by majority of population who are, in turn, controlled by priests and popes.

No organized religions or worship. Personal responsibility for life, health, peace, etc. is widespread.

The cosmos is an eternal field of awareness where everything is frequency and fields, and these energies are the self-organizing Source of all matter.

An external God with many human attitudes and rules is worshiped as the creator of all that exists.

People do not subscribe to an external God, they take responsibility for what is happening around them.

There is only the Prime Creator within who acts in alignment with life. All form is seen as a living expression of the Creator. 

Believe that Jesus died for our sins and thus we are saved, resulting in failure to make an effort to save ourselves.

Understand that the human passes through stages of development.

Work as teachers who seek to accelerate the development of wisdom and power in humanity.

Believe that heaven is a place we go to after a good life.

Understand that a good life is the responsibility of each individual.

Understand that a heaven world is the creation of humans who have advanced in wisdom, grace, and power. Lower consciousness people are unable to enter because of the high-frequency environment.

Design and build machines and structures using wood, metal, glass, and other materials regardless of the frequencies they emit.

Design and build machines and structures using carefully chosen materials developed for the beneficial frequency environment they maintain.

Design and build machines and structures that include artificial intelligence used to enhance the frequency and natural consciousness of carefully designed materials that respond to human consciousness.

Conducts scientific research in an effort to prove pre-existing hypotheses.

Conducts scientific research in an effort to discover the characteristic behaviors of frequency interaction and learn how to better coordinate and utilize them.

Conducts scientific research with an understanding of the nature of frequencies in order to develop a wide variety of technologies for healing, communication, housing, travel, safety, defense, etc.

Has little or no concept of what it means to be multi-dimensional.

Understands and uses the abilities that come with multi-dimensional existence.

Understands and uses the abilities that come with multi-dimensional existence; is studying and learning transdimensional skills and abilities.

Digs up, mines, or cuts down raw materials from their environment in order to build out their world.

Uses some 3rd dimensional products while researching and applying new processes of energy amendment to both new and existing materials.

Generates the frequency matrix that will produce the desired material, thus avoiding the destruction of a planetary environment.

Uses technology to create weapons of mass destruction.

Uses technology to create beneficial tools that will help people to advance their civilization, their human development, and bring a sense of security, joy, and ease to life.

Uses technology to create beneficial materials, tools, and environments that allow them to join the space-faring races of the cosmos.

Conducts business in such a way that one side wins and the other side loses.

Conducts business in such a way that both sides benefit from a win-win agreement.

Conducts business in such a way that those struggling, suffering, or losing are boosted, helped, and brought to a place of security, joy, and peace.