FAQs: Tea & Consciousness (Tea or T&C)

What is the Tea & Consciousness?

The Tea & Consciousness is an opportunity for each participant to ask Penny a few questions on any topic of their choice. This could be current events, dreams, personal issues, health, etc. It's an online conversation about all things consciousness, intuition, perception, intelligence, health, and spirituality.

So, bring your coffee, tea, or other good drink along with your questions, dreams, and ideas and join us for a conversation. It’s always very interesting!

What is the structure of a T&C? What can I expect?

All registered participants will have the opportunity to ask Penny one, two, or three questions - depending on the questions themselves. You can ask her about yourself, your health, family, career, consciousness, dreams, etc. You’ll have 10 minutes to exchange with Penny about this question. The Tea is about 2 hours, and there are 12 participants attending, which does not leave a lot of time for chatter, so think carefully about what you want to know.

How many people attend a T&C?

Each weekly meeting is limited to 12 people. Although you are invited to join and be present live, some people cannot attend due to other obligations on the given day/time.

In such circumstances, you are welcome to send us your questions via email, we’ll read it to Penny during the Tea, and she will respond accordingly. You’ll then be able to listen to her answer in the recording that goes out to everyone a few days after each Tea.

How long does the Tea last?

The T&C is 2 hours. This allows each participant 10 mins to exchange with Penny on a topic of their choice. It’s important for everyone to come prepared and to be thoughtful enough to adhere to the time limit per participant. Otherwise, we run late and this creates delays for everyone attending, including Penny and team! 

Is the T&C public?

The live Tea is attended only by those participants who registered. The recordings are then posted on various social media platforms, available for public viewing free of charge. 

Since the participants always ask such great questions, sharing Penny’s insight to a wider audience benefits the whole community.  

If you are concerned with anonymity, don’t worry! Know that your surname is never mentioned in the video, and you will not be visible on the recording. Only Penny is visible.

Can I remain anonymous? What if I don’t want people to see me or know who I am in the recording?

Although the Tea is recorded and then offered to the public, they are mostly anonymous. Your last name will not be mentioned at any time. Only your first name will be mentioned when it is your turn to ask your question. You also will not be visible in the recordings, only Penny is visible.

We’ve received requests to be offline or alone when it’s their turn to talk with Penny or to have their section removed from the recording. Unfortunately, we don’t offer this possibility.

When signing up for a T&C, be aware that your time with Penny will be included in the recording and then shared on our social media platforms. Since the participants always ask such great questions, sharing Penny’s insight to a wider audience benefits the whole learning community. 

Will I be able to listen to the T&C recording and review my exchange with Penny?

Yes, the Tea is recorded. The recordings will be posted online, and the link will be sent to you via email a few days afterward.

Can I view past T&Cs online?

Yes, the recordings are available to the public as they offer great insights on a variety of topics! Also, we recommend viewing past T&C meetings so you have an idea of the structure of a Tea.

When does registration open for the T&C?

Registration release date & time for the T&C is posted only on Patreon.

Can I register for more than one (1) T&C in a month?

Unfortunately, you can only register for one (1) Tea in a month. This allows a variety of people to register and attend the Tea.

Can I register for a T&C every month?

No, we limit participation in a Tea to once every 2nd or 3rd month. This allows a variety of people to register and attend the T&C. 

Can I purchase a T&C for someone else?

Unfortunately, T&C cannot be purchased for someone else. The person who registers for the T&C must be the one to attend the webinar. 

If I can’t make it to the T&C, can I transfer or gift the spot to someone else?

No, reservations cannot be transferred or gifted to someone else. Your registration is not transferable.

If you’re unable to attend a Tea that you registered for, you can send your questions via email. We’ll ask Penny your questions during the T&C, and the answers will be in the recording. The link to the recording will be sent to you via email a few days after the session.

What if a member of my family or a friend would like to sit in with me during the T&C and also ask Penny a question?

ONE (1) registration is for ONE (1) person in the Tea.

If other members of your family or friends want to attend and also ask Penny a question, they must register separately. 

What is the best way to prepare for the Tea & Consciousness?

Preparing for the T&C will make your experience pleasant and you will feel ready on the day of the Tea. When everyone comes ready and prepared, the whole experience moves forward with ease and flow.

Once you’ve registered for a T&C:

  • Approximately 48 hours before the Tea, we’ll send you an email with the Zoom info to join the Tea. You’ll be requested to reply and confirm that you will attend online or submit your questions via email.
  • If you’re logging in via the Zoom app, make sure the app is updated.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before the session begins so you can make sure your audio and video are working. This is especially important if you are inexperienced with Zoom! It is during this 15-minute period that you will hear any final instructions before we begin. 

Asking Penny a Question

We assume you’ve registered for a T&C because you have a question you’d like to ask Penny. There are 3 things to consider:

  • You have 10 minutes with Penny.
  • You can ask only one, two, or three questions depending on complexity. What do you want to know?
  • What additional information will clarify your question?

We strongly encourage you to PREPARE YOUR QUESTIONS and write them out in advance in order to be ready for your turn! Many people show up unprepared and with only a vague idea of what they want to know. When it’s their turn to ask a question, they ramble around going back and forth with information that is often unrelated to their question. The more time you spend trying to identify your question or explaining your situation, the less time Penny will have to answer.

The bottom line: If you want a clear answer from Penny, you must have a clear question.

What is your question?

Write your question on paper or your computer. Make sure it is clear, concise with an intent that can easily fill in the following blanks:

I want to know ________ because it may clarify __________.

For example:

  • I want to know the cause of my back pain because it may clarify what I can do to heal.
  • I want to know about my birth numbers because it may clarify and provide insight into my challenges and strengths in this lifetime.
  • I want to know about an upcoming career opportunity because it may clarify if this opportunity can be fruitful in terms of my development.

Before the Tea begins, write your question down and then time yourself to see how long it takes to read your question.  If you feel the need to add additional information, write that down and include it as you time yourself.

Tweak your question here and there for clarity, succinctness and intent. Make sure it doesn’t take more than 2 mins to read it aloud. If it takes 10 minutes to read it or provide context, you leave Penny with no time to reply. 

Will additional information help clarify your question or help get a better answer?

Sometimes a bit of additional information will help clarify your question. Here are examples of additional information that are helpful...

I’ve had back pain for over 2 years, it came progressively without a physical root cause such as an accident. I’ve tried many different healing methods (conventional and alternative) without success. Is there something else I should be aware of? What would be the best way for me to heal this debilitating back pain?

I was born on 02 January 1974. I feel very stuck at this point in my life in terms of relationships. It seems that I’ve been alone for a long time and can’t seem to find a compatible partner. Is there something about my birth numbers that is linked to this situation?

I have been offered what seems like an opportunity of a lifetime career step. Although I enjoy my current career, I wonder if this is my path. Would this opportunity still keep me on the right path for my development? Or is there something else coming my way?

Can I send my Question and Text in advance so Penny can read it?

No, Penny does not read emails/questions in advance. You’ll need to be ready with your Question when the Tea begins.