NEW VERSION: Getting Well Naturally - From The Soil to The Stomach (EBOOK - PDF)

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NEW VERSION Getting Well Naturally - From The Soil To The Stomach is an extraordinary and useful book that illuminates why millions of people are degenerating into ill health. When author Penny Kelly  comes down with severe rheumatoid arthritis, she embarks on a path to heal herself—and comes to discover that the food supply in first world countries has little or no nutrition in it. Most people are living on factory foods that are empty of nutrition! In addition, all healing wisdom and techniques have been replaced by drugs and surgery as the only answer to physical problems. To make matters more difficult, people do not know how to use supplements, seldom take time for powerful detox procedures, and do little or no exercise.

Whether you are suffering from a little fatigue, a few allergies, or have a full-blown catastrophic illness, this book will teach you how to repair and rebuild your body and your life. The book is chock-full of important information that we used to know about our food, our health, and the workings of the natural world. Over the last century, much of this information has been lost due to the constant pressures of the food manufacturing business, the thrill of new technologies, and the subtle coaxing of advertising to buy products that look like food but are only chemicals and sugar.

New Version Published March 2021.

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