The Elves of Lily Hill Farm (EBOOK - PDF)

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The Elves of Lily Hill Farm is the true story of my meeting with a group of elves on our farm and the deal we made for "100 tons of grapes." The relationships with the elves then blossomed into an entire set of relationships with the land, the grapes in our vineyards, animals, and the elements.

This journey greatly expanded consciousness, and I later learned that Nature was one of the three doors to the expansion of consciousness and the freedom that leads to enlightenment.  

There was one hard, embarrassing lesson after the next, and I was faced again and again with how small-minded, selfish, and conventionally educated I was, all of which had shut me out of a real relationship with Mother Nature and her fabulous teachings.

As things turned out, the elves were correct in their constant coaxing to move toward an understanding of the nature of balance rather than trying to restore our ideas of the balance in nature. 

My relationship with the elves still goes on today, and I have learned much along the way!!