March 15, 2011

Miracle Berry?

March 15, 2011 This morning I read a brief article about a miracle berry that makes sour and bitter things taste sweet. Pop one of these berries in your mouth, follow it with something sour or bitter, and VOILA…the sour/bitter thing tastes sweet and wonderful! Now, a few people are playing with the berry and using it to make useless concoctions taste good. They are also suggesting that we use the berries to get people in famine-stricken areas to eat things they would never consider eating, such as bitter plants and wild grasses. Have we totally lost any common sense about food? Putting something in your belly does not constitute “feeding” the body. In fact, much of what we currently put in the body simply breaks the body down, forcing it to expend precious enzymes and energies while getting nothing in return. Soon the body is bankrupt. Food should be eaten to supply the body with the necessary nutrients that will keep it in tip-top condition. Sorry, all you foodies, omnivores, and food snobs! I know there’s an entire culture out there around foods. I don’t mean to take away the joy, pleasure, or creative prep that goes into making your special steaks, salads, soups, breads, wines, desserts, and the savoring of any of these. However, the truth is that food must be eaten with an eye to what it accomplishes in the body/mind system because what you eat determines how you feel and what you think. Does your food bring health or degeneration? Are you energetic or fatigued? Creative or dumbed-down? Does it bring peace or war? Does it create serenity or fear? Do you end up feeling joyous or angry? Frustrated or trusting? Delighted or disrupted? Food does all this, and more. You can always tell yourself that something is tasty, and maybe it is, but without any food wisdom, the result is mental and physical degeneration, pain, and disease. Until we learn to know what we’re really doing with food, we are never going to change our perceptions or behaviors…and thus, we will continue to march into war and death.