November 23, 2019

Money, Cryptos, Gold and a Space-based Civilization – Pt. 1

Money, Cryptos, Gold and a Space-based Civilization – Pt. 1

What is the difference between the dollar, cryptocurrency, and gold? All three of these are forms of money that we have sort of made up…like the imaginary money in Monoply®. We just decided it was real. We could just as easily have decided that pink pebbles were going to serve as our money.

We can’t really make good choices on what to use, what to hold, or what to invest in until we understand the key differences among them and take appropriate action. Perhaps the biggest difference among them is that, so far, only gold is a store of value, meaning that it is valuable in its own right. It can be turned into jewelry, a vase, a sculpture, used in technology, in medicine, turned into coins and used to buy things, or shaped into bullion and stuffed into a safe to be kept for future needs during downturns in an economy.

The more available something is, the more its value goes down. Technically, dollars, cryptos, and possibly pink pebbles act as units of account. This means they act as measuring sticks. By deciding what something is worth, we use forms of money to help us measure the value of something - a dozen eggs, a car, or maybe a haircut. Dollars, cryptos, and pink pebbles are not a store of value. Why? Because they are almost unlimited. True, cryptos have been set up with built-in limits, but it is easy to see that we are already creating ways around those limits by creating hard forks or breaking them into ever smaller units.

There is a lot of talk about Bitcoin as a store of value – but is it? Can it ever be? In this reality system, we can do whatever we want, decide whatever we want, and so it is possible that Bitcoin could be arbitrarily designated as a store of value in the same way that we have decided gold is a store of value. Going in the opposite direction, we could also treat Bitcoin and other cryptos as commodities - something to be purchased, to be owned, or as something we use to purchase goods and services with, in which case it becomes a measuring stick that determines the value of something. All of this is speculation, however, if we don’t get an infrastructure going. If we can't USE it easily, it’s going to collapse or become meaningless and all those millions and billions of dollars people spent on them are going to settle down forever in the pockets of the big banks, which is where the cash goes when you buy coins.

Is this "lack of infrastructure" problem something to worry about? Maybe. Factors in play are: 1. The elite/bank efforts to create a cashless society in which they control the network infrastructure AND the electrical switch that powers the whole thing, and 2. The fact that we are becoming more abstract and less dependent on physical goods as we move toward becoming a space-based civilization that does not really NEED a planet because we have evolved to the point of being able to manipulate frequencies well enough to produce whatever is needed out of what used to be thought of as 'thin air.'

Regarding Factor 1, there has been plenty of evidence that we are being guided/pushed toward a cashless society. Is this what we want? Is this going to work well for us if we are not the ones managing the network or controlling the energy switch? In spite of a lack of infrastructure, if the elites/banks want a cashless society, they will do everything in their power to make sure the cryptocurrencies work. So maybe we shouldn't worry too much about whether or not cryptos are going to last or go anywhere.

Regarding Factor 2, if you step back a bit and view the big picture, whether to buy cryptos or not forces us to ask ourselves, "Where are we going?" The answer to that question is that we are moving slowly but steadily toward becoming a space-based civilization. When a population reaches the point that they begin to rely on things that are not physical, or have not been dug up, heated down, and formed into something the masses need, those people have taken the first steps along the road that leads to being able to rely on the use of the frequencies everywhere around us in space. This frees us from being tethered to a planet!

When we can produce water, nutrient-dense foods, energy, healing, education, and intelligent materials by generating the frequencies that underlie and then manifest physical items, we are no longer a primitive race beating our war chests and pretending that we are alone and are the central, most powerful beings in the universe.

Since we can already produce ALL of the things mentioned above – water, foods, energy, healing, education, and intelligent materials – it is only a matter of time before the goal of joining with other civilizations in space becomes realized. Thus, the choice of whether or not to buy and use cryptos is really a vote to move into the future and across the galaxy.