January 05, 2019

Death and Dead Things

Death and Dead Things

Since the death of my first husband on Christmas eve, I have been thinking about death and dead things. Not morbidly, but with a mixture of sadness and the observation that everything changes and our world is looking quite old and frayed. What have I observed?

  1. Oil is dead.
  2. Chemical food is dead.
  3. Chemotherapy is dead.
  4. Factory farming is dead.
  5. GMOs are dead.
  6. Education for conformity is dead.
  7. Religion is (almost) dead.
  8. The U.S. dollar is dead.
  9. Television is dead.
  10. Mass in-your-face advertising is dead.
  11. Nuclear energy is dead.
  12. Retirement is dead.
  13. The two-party political system is dead.
  14. Globalism is dead.
  15. Nationalism is dead.
  16. The patriarchy is dead.
  17. Polluting without paying is dead.
  18. The dig-it-up, melt-it-down, beat-it-into-shape mindset is dead.
  19. The idea of death is dead because people are energy and energy does not die, it just dissipates if you don't keep it going.

Keep it going, people! There is a whole world that must be re-created, renewed, and revitalized.