January 16, 2011

Political Frustration

January 16, 2011 We live in a culture of escalating political frustration. The political rhetoric that flies back and forth is awful.  The manipulation that goes on in Washington DC is disgraceful. The way they act around money, you would think that none of them have two nickels to rub together and they’ve never had enough to eat. I have a friend who deals with greedy political and business people quite effectively by asking, “How many steaks can you eat, my friend? How much is enough?” He then inquires as to whether or not they’ve ever had the pleasure of giving something away and experienced the gratitude that comes back to them. He asks how inclusive they’ve been in their thinking and whether they’ve known the joy of collaboration. In his own quiet but powerful way, he is countering the fear of “not enough” and opening the door to a world of abundance in which we all help take care of one another.