February 06, 2011

Prayer for Our Misguided World

February 6, 2011 May those who criticize others turn their attention on themselves. May those who manipulate the weather as if they were God discover that they are Gods – and that God is love. May those who kill discover what has died within themselves. May those who steal discover that nothing is gained and everything is lost until one learns to give. May those who are frustrated discover one does not die when he cannot have his own way. May those lost in greed discover so many kinds and levels of wealth that they become uncertain of what to hoard. May those who are angry discover that anger is merely ‘change energy’ that they have failed to utilize in a timely fashion. May those who agitate for democracy discover early the pitfalls of manipulation that accompany such systems and pass safely on to the later stages of group development, which begin with personal responsibility. May those who are homeless and unable to find any place to sit or stand end up piled in the laps of those who legislate the buying and selling of land until the buyers and sellers are so lost at the bottom of the pile that they are finally forced to set the homeless ones down on a piece of ground saying, “There! You stay there!”… and discover the relief that sharing and common sense bring. May those who are hungry have enough sense to reconnect with Mother Nature and realize that food grows out of the Earth everywhere that we have not covered the ground with buildings or asphalt. May those who do science in service to power and greed be forced to live with the true results of their handiwork somewhere down the road. May those who awakened in the Summer of Love discover it is time to re-awaken. May those who block access to the plants that open the doors of spiritual perception find themselves lost in the worlds of Spirit. May those who live without examining their values discover they have nothing of value. May those who are listless and depressed discover nutrition. May presidents and kings discover they are the servants of the people. May people discover that if they want to create a new world they must give up their old perceptions of hierarchy.