November 11, 2014

Robes Excerpt #2

“Each individual is a unique filter of the frequencies that surround the human body/mind system. Each human brain is a radio receiver responding to the matrix of waves and energy flowing through and around it. “The brain’s job is to help the human body respond appropriately to the ocean of frequencies it lives in, and be a tool by which you explore those frequencies and the possibilities within them. To do so is literally to explore the possibilities of the Self. The process is meant to be shared with others in the way you used to share when you were children by saying, ‘Hey, look what I found… Hey, look what I can do… You can probably do it too.’ “However, instead of asking others what they see or what they have found, you have all gotten into the habit of trying to tell others what they see, hear, feel, or have found! Rather than exploring the nature of the way you filter and interpret these frequencies, you spend your time arguing about who has the correct interpretation of them, and thus, who has the correct version of reality. There is no attitude of discovery, and gone are the challenges you used to present to one another when you were six or perhaps ten years old and shouted freely, ‘Hey, can you do this…? “The truth of the matter is that each of you has assessed and interpreted the reality correctly, but this interpretation is correct only for you. Others may or may not filter and interpret the reality in quite the same way. Perhaps they can is they want to, but it isn’t necessary. If two or more of you end up with very similar perceptions of reality, then you have the possibility of sharing something for a while. “The most important goal is to explore the reality openly, to stretch deeply into yourself to find things that you might be interested in experiencing, to create those experiences and evaluate them, then bring all that you have discovered back into the whole self who waits for your return and joyously accepts the gifts of wisdom and knowledge that you bring. “Therefore, we ask you to consider the following: What do you suppose the results might be if, instead of negating subjectivity, you used it as one of your most powerful variables in scientific searches and applications? What do you suppose you might learn about yourselves, your world, and your reality? What might you discover about the hidden or unexpected capabilities of some individuals? And how might you use that new knowledge or these skills to continue exploring and moving toward your own evolution, and acceptance of yourselves as full creators?” (from Robes – A Book of Coming Changes, pg. 171-72)