December 28, 2009

The future is so exciting!

December 28, 2009 I’m quite excited about the future! Our reality is expanding at a phenomenal rate. Every area of life – physics, archeology, astronomy, chemistry, history, religion, communications, finance, psychology, political, medical – is shifting, changing, and opening up in fascinating ways. Old limits and boundaries are dissolving; new concepts and routines are emerging. As the concepts embedded in these areas change, the infrastructures of life will change with them. Soon, our consciousness and sense of self will be so different that we will no longer be able to fit ourselves into the old patterns of behavior or daily routines that once seemed normal and necessary. How we live together, work together, who we honor, the ways we think, what is expected of us, and what we expect from our reality will be so different that we will look back and ask how we could have lived that way or thought those things! If you have any doubt about coming changes, here are just a few things to think about: *The discovery of a new form of energy that responds to communication from humans. * A gold chain found in excavations in Morrisonville, Illinois, and carbon-dated to 260 million years ago. *The discovery of whole galaxies in a region of the sky that was thought to be empty – thus making the Universe even bigger and more diverse. *Discovery of the remains of a great city covering at least 1500 square miles in South Africa from 200,000 years ago. *Information from the Sumerian clay tablets AND the scrolls at Qumran are slowly filtering down into the general population and give a whole new view of the real teachings of Jesus as well as concepts like the “devil.” *The possibility of food shortages beginning in 2010, with higher prices and the likelihood that more and more people will begin growing their own food, even in cities, which will change everything. *The computer/audio/video revolution is accelerating, not slowing down. *Constantly accumulating evidence that people from other planets are visiting and living here on Earth. *The amazing and now very obvious split of our reality into two dimensions, one of which is characterized by the “haves” (bankers/financial people/government) and the “have-nots” (the rest of the population). The “haves” are busy maintaining the past. The “have-nots” are busy creating the future. *The question – Can a population awaken to their own numbers and power…and keep enough good sense to remain non-violent? After all, if you have the power, why use it to destroy? Use it to do what you think *The realization that “credit is tight,” not because the “haves” have no intention of sharing anything, but because that financial system is doomed and a new one must be created for the future. *Growing signs of militancy in the U.S. *The possibility that the new Health Care Bill will be ignored and irrelevant. I like to explore all sorts of things, but especially the realms of consciousness, intelligence, perception, and the nature of reality. Hope you’ll return often in the coming year and share your own thoughts and ideas! May your New Year be one of awakening!