March 27, 2014

Can You See Where the U.S. Is Headed?

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It is happening in Syria, in Egypt, Libya, Sudan, the Central African Republic, Venezuela, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq, Ethiopia, Somalia, Ecuador, Chile, Argentina, Malaysia, the U.S.S.R., Greece, Crete, Ukraine, and lots of other places. What’s happening is the intervention of “hidden forces” that are designed to take out the leadership, get control of the money, take over the natural resources…and along the way, sow the seeds of discontent and distrust that will lead eventually to a breakup of stable relationships among the people…and eventually to a breakup of the entire nation. The financial system of the U.S. was captured long ago, we have the most powerful military tools in the world, and we have long been under the control of hidden powerbrokers. So why would the U.S. break up? Because it would be too dangerous to let it continue as a giant superpower. What if someone else got control of it? It plays out like this. If you were trying to rule the world, it would be a mistake to allow the existence of big countries with massive numbers of men and machines that could defy you or ignore your directives. The long term plan would have to include the objective of first getting control of those countries and then breaking them up so that none of them had the physical capacity to resist or wrest control from you. The military and financial power of the U.S. would initially be quite useful to you if you were pulling strings from a hidden position off-stage. With both military and financial power at your fingertips, you would have the basic tools needed to create chaos and uproar in all the other big players. Once those countries were in chaos or had been broken up, the U.S. structural façade would no longer be needed and it would be our turn to be split. Then, with all the nations broken into small pieces, no one could challenge you. You could then say, “I rule the world!” How to accomplish these breakups? Plant seeds of distrust and greed, bring in weapons, and let your seeds of disruption unfold. Continue to foment unrest by pitting factions against one another to the point that all cohesiveness breaks down. Possibilities might be: create a financial debacle, or carry out an attack on some area and then blame it someone else. You might also come up with the idea that the territory or organization was corrupt or violated human right or has been uncooperative and thus ought to be invaded or legally broken up. Perhaps you could create or allow a disaster to occur that disrupts a region completely and forces people into new locations where they have no roots, no jobs, and no support, and then make new laws or decisions about property while they are too distracted to deal with anything other than survival. The risk of failure in all of this would be enormous, but the allure of the payoff – if successful – would be worth it to some. When I look at the big picture, if things continue to unfold as they are now, it all points toward the breakup of the U.S. into much smaller units in the not-too-distant future.