June 11, 2013

NWO: The Plan - #2

So...let's assess where we're at in terms of "the plan" and what we might do. The financial shock that hit America in 2008 was clearly engineered to reduce Americans to paupers who had little power and very few resources. Prices of food, fuel, water, and other forms of energy continue to rise steadily because of floods, droughts, and untimely weather, while income slowly goes down and jobs disappear. Bankruptcies – both real and pretended – in major corporations and cities rob people of the pensions they worked for and saved. Following the American crisis, problems with the Euro arrived right on schedule and caused uproar. The amazing series of revolutions in African/Arab countries have been engineered with perfect timing. China and India have grown at astounding rates as they race to catch up to Western standards. The U.S. Congress has pretended to try to fix the economy. 'Natural' disasters have kept many people too busy to think about anything but restoring some semblance of order to their lives (Gulf Oil spill, Japanese tsunami, hurricane Sandy). The Newtown, CT shooting and the Boston Marathon bombing are the latest efforts to accomplish several ends – first, another attempt to disarm the American people and institute strict gun laws; second, to deepen the religious divide by pinning this nasty (sting) operation on two politically naïve boys who were practicing Muslims working for the CIA; and third, a ploy to get Russia to agree that we can do what we want with Syria. I don’t know why Americans are so woefully ignorant about what is happening in the world. I don’t know why they are so willing to be manipulated by the media and so distracted by meaningless trivia. I do know that there is going to come a day when they wake up. When they do, they are likely to be very angry. That anger will be misplaced if it is directed anywhere but at themselves. They will have to face the fact that they were willing victims who avoided the problems they didn’t want to deal with – problems they hoped would just go away. My hope is that there won’t be any serious national temper tantrums or immature ideas that they can make real changes using protests, marches, or armed revolt. The challenge we are setting up for ourselves will have to be resolved by an inside job – a change of consciousness.