August 16, 2014

"Robes" excerpt #1 - World War III

When the Robes visited, they said that IF there was another world war, it would not look like the first two world wars. They also made a comment that now means much more than it did back in the early 1980s. They said that most of the battle would be between those who wanted to hold onto old ways of doing things, and those who wanted to move ahead to new ways. Now I'm seeing this battle with sharp clarity. The Robes didn't categorize the two sides in any way, nor did they point out any flaws in the thinking of either side. However, if one side is the cabal of corporation-based corruption that has taken over the U.S. and is pushing their ideas of a completely controlled New World Order, and  the other side is the growing movement to challenge that corruption, what are our alternatives? The last sentence in the excerpt below will give you something to think about. "As the old ways come to a close and the new ways open, you will see the unfolding of struggle, fighting, and destruction in nearly every corner of your world. "In the beginning there will be no nuclear weapons used in these battles, and there will be no major, international military conflagrations of a protracted sort that characterized World Wars I and II. But many kinds of serious conflict will spread across every land, bringing quick invasions based on greed and the desire to control others. "As the nations begin breaking apart, this fighting will escalate and spread to many new places. Along with the 'official' international conflicts, there will be regional conflicts everywhere. This will include conflicts between cities and states, within cities and towns, and between tribes and old groupings as neighbor suddenly turns against neighbor... "...These battles will be fought for all kinds of reasons - over food, water, land, air, animal rights, mineral rights, trade rights, and human rights. There will be arguments and bloodshed over boundaries, the right to govern, the right to speak the truth, the right to live where one wishes, to be spoken to with respect, treated with dignity, and to die when and how one chooses. "...there will be few places left to run to that are not engaged in fighting, or where human beings are not suffering small wars, persecution, death, environmental disaster, or serious deprivation in large numbers.... "At this point you will realize that, for all intents and purposes, the world is engulfed in what will eventually be termed World War III. It will not look like the first two world wars with a common battlefield, trenches, and two sides lined up to confront one another, but it will be a world war due to the fact that almost everyone is fighting over everything. "In order to survive you will have to regain a sense of purpose and direction in life, and to gain a sense of direction you will have to do things very differently. Therefore, a great number of the battles will be between those attempting to hold on to old ways of doing things and those who want to move ahead to new ways...If you are wise, you will work to find peaceful and creative ways to help one another."    (from "Robes - A Book of Coming Changes" based on information the Robes gave me from 1980-1982, and published in 1997.) If one of the sides in the battle is corruption...then what?