May 30, 2015

The Financial Oceans

I recently read an article on the BIS and two things struck me as I read. One was that we are already operating within the system of a New World Order and have been since 1930 when the BIS began. The second was that we are moving past our current system of money altogether. It is simple. If the majority of the world is in poverty, hungry, living without homes or cars, and not connected to the internet or other communication systems, then we are moving past money altogether. Only the 1% are still caught in the illusion. Perhaps we should let them have their illusions and just move beyond them and their system altogether. To do this, we have to examine our part in the system and its illusion. The core belief of our time is that we must have money to live. This is not true. We must have water, food, land, shelter, and companionship. Additional beliefs that are based on our core belief in money are:
  • That some of us are better off than others. This is not true. Some of us have more stuff to take care of, that is all.
  • That competition is normal. This is not true. Cooperation is normal. Competition is cooperation’s twisted sister.
  • That we must have a job in order to make money in order to buy water, food, land, shelter, and companionship. This is not true. We only need jobs if we believe we need money to survive.
  • That money is power. This is not true. Consciousness is power. And consciousness is fed by awareness, perception, knowledge, and deliberate action. You can’t take appropriate action if you don’t know what is happening.
  • That democracy is the high point of civilization. This is not true. Democracy is just the beginning point that forces us to acknowledge the fact that others have different opinions and perceptions whether we like it or not. There are many levels of cooperative governance beyond democracy.
The question to consider – Do we really need money at all? I personally think we do because it makes so many impossible transactions possible. Like…I have eggs for sale and you have a car for sale. You want my eggs, but paying for three dozen eggs with a car is way out of balance. Money smoothes out this imbalance and makes a transaction possible. We need money to help us with some of the individual transactions we are interested in, but we do not need it to survive. What we need is a new way of looking at money. Not everything has to be monetized. Putting a price on everything leads to financial gridlock and breakdown. Some things should be ours just because we are alive and human…like food, water, land, etc. Everything is here for us. Why do we stand back, wring our hands in despair, and cry for more money. It is because we cannot see past the programming of our time. It is because we are waiting for someone we think is more powerful or more important to tell us what to do or what we can have. It is because we have lost all common sense. All we see are limitations. We all love the rule of law because it gives us a sense of order and security. But the laws of man and his money are not the only laws. There are other systems of law – the laws of the body, the laws of consciousness, the laws of nature. The laws of money and man are useful, but they are not enough by themselves. If we are to navigate the financial oceans of our time, we must begin to think more inclusively. We all matter.