November 05, 2015

The Grid - Update #5

We made it through October without a gigantic disaster, and now we have completed Nov. 3rd and 5th without a major problem, and I am greatly relieved that all systems – financial and otherwise – are still working. I am not the least bit troubled that I saw something that didn’t manifest because that is a common thing in the world I live in. I rarely speak up about my worries and visions, but I did this time because so many pieces came together so powerfully, and sometimes you just have to take the risk of speaking up and being wrong. Too many people stood to be hurt if I didn’t say anything and the visions turned out to be correct. It’s possible that something could still happen, but with having had time to get used to the idea, it might be seen as little more than an inconvenience. It’s also possible that what I was picking up over the summer was the general mindset of the population that was being affected by the Mr. Robot series. I will have more to say in my next blog, but for now, everything that gets predicted that then doesn’t happen means we have a little more time to figure out how to make a positive change in a kinder, gentler way…time to build new systems that work better…and the chance to let natural changes press forward.