Planet Earth - Her People, History and Current Dilemma (EBOOK - PDF)

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This began as a series of talks presenting an overview of several topics which was presented as a 10 Parts Series on Youtube. The topics include how we began as a people and some aspects of history that have been carefully hidden, including very recent history. It covers some of the technology that exists but is also well-hidden. It discusses a few of the people of influence who are offering information for us to consider, lays out a timeline, and looks closely at the hidden financial system we used to have. It shares a few of my early journeys to a new reality system that is still physical and uses some of the things common to Earth, but is based in a higher set of frequencies that we can call the 4th dimension. It closes with a hard look at ourselves and the choices we are facing. 

I am not going to bother trying to summarize or compare and contrast the old stories we’ve been taught about our history. They aren’t worth my time of day or yours. I’m just going to move forward somewhat eclectically, bringing together certain points that I think we should know, be reminded of, discuss, and think about deeply. This includes information that will affect religion, history, 8 

technology, governance, our perception of ourselves, who we are, where we came from, and where we are going. 

Some of what I am going to talk about is vastly different from what is generally assumed or believed, and there have been accusations that some of the stories and information I will share are science fiction, but I don’t think that is true because some of what I am going to present matches a great deal of what I knew before I came here. 

Published February 2022