Consciousness and Energy, Vol. 4 - Trump, The Sting, The Catastrophe Cycle and Consciousness (EBOOK - PDF)

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This is the fourth book in the Consciousness and Energy series. Volume 4 started out as an essay titled, Trump and The Sting. When people wrote asking for a sequel, Penny began gathering new information about what was happening behind the political curtain in the United States, including information coming from the QAnon drops and decoded news. The project started out optimistically even though there were worrisome developments regarding civil war and the breakup of the U.S. that lined up with information from the little men in brown Robes many years earlier.

Then, unexpectedly, she came across some shocking scientific information. This information provided long-sought answers to questions coming from a number of disciplines including astronomy, geology, physics, anthropology, paleontology, and archeology, however, there had been some effort to keep it hidden from the public because of the implications. In spite of these efforts, the information began coming out. A self-taught man who was not part of the academic or scientific community had been studying the sun and its micro-nova process for many years. In 2018, he put his evidence and conclusions on the internet in a series of lectures that brought together science, religion, and mythology in a stunning climax that let the cat out of the bag! 

From an effort to track what was happening behind the scenes on the governmental stage, to the discovery that we were facing a micro-nova, to the realization that she had not understood a number of the deep and powerful messages from the Robes, the elves, or the ETs, this is a journey that brings us face-to-face with the fact that our best—and maybe our only—hope is the full development of consciousness. 

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Published 2019