FREE PDF - Basic Healing & Rebuilding Program (version 2.2)


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To rebuild a body, it is necessary to do six things consistently:

  1. Detox
  2. Supplements
  3. Exercise
  4. Good Food
  5. Drinking 6-8 Glasses of Water daily
  6. and take any additional herbs or natural medicines that your particular condition

 It takes 1-3 years to completely restore a high energy system!

In this FREE PDF document, Penny outlines steps to heal and rebuild the body via the 6 points mentioned above: detox, supplements, exercise, good food, water and additional herbs.

Please note this document is a brief outline of the Program, further details can be found in Penny's book Getting Well Naturally - From The Soil to The Stomach. 

Please note: The Basic Healing-Rebuilding Program is not a physical product, it is a free downloadable document in PDF format.