July 30, 2011

Rebuilding Reality - #1

July 30, 2011 Good people, hardworking people are losing their homes everywhere. Many are people who still have jobs because they’re willing to work at almost anything to keep going, but the rate of pay is so low, or the hours have been cut so much, or the house payments are so high that they are not making ends meet. When the banks took TARP money, the idea was to bail them out so they could continue to make loans and offer credit. Hand in hand with this, our mortgages were supposed to be restructured so that the amount owed was in balance with the value of the house. The idea was to help both ends of the spectrum – banks and us – and restore order in our financial system. However, the restructuring of mortgage balances never happened. The banks took the money and ran, keeping it all for themselves. Without jobs, foreclosures have skyrocketed and loans are like hen’s teeth – nonexistent. The problem is, thousands upon thousands of foreclosures have not yet been processed by banks. They are not even making any effort to work with homeowners or help where they can. Everyone is waiting to see what happens with the national debt and budget cuts. If the U.S. defaults, those in China or other countries who have been lending us money can call in their loans – and some banks are planning to pay what they owe using the homes and land that they confiscated through foreclosures. Our homes will be used to pay the piper for government’s extravagant wars, the banking industry’s fraudulent practices, and those in big business who like to live high on the hog. This bothers me, but the thing that really concerns me is that our reality system is collapsing. The system is not working. If we do not get new systems in place quickly, we are liable to collapse into chaos. To avoid this, we must reconnect with the land and Mother Nature.