July 26, 2017

I think I'll run for President...

I think I'll run for President...

I think perhaps I will run for president. Issues that have been used to clobber other aspiring presidents include drugs sex, election finance issues, and political platform - so I will just say right up front that I used marijuana a little bit, but unfortunately never had an opportunity to see what cocaine, LSD, mushrooms, or other drugs that expand consciousness might do.

My sex life has been mostly unremarkable - except for kundalini. I have been married twice divorced twice and had an assortment of lovers here and there, most of them not very memorable. I have been celibate for over ten years now and don't really have time for a relationship, but that's not to say I wouldn't be interested in the right person if he came along. Probably the biggest obstacle to any relationship would be the difference in consciousness due to kundalini.

I have never believed in advertising, thus have no interest in raising money to be used to advertise myself or any bid for the presidency. While growing up, kitchen table wisdom taught that if something was good, it would spread by word of mouth. If it didn't spread naturally, it wasn't worth your time or money.

I am from German and Irish immigrants, and my family was - and is - large, messy, and very real. The German side were farmers and cattle dealers. The Irish side were sailors and mechanics - especially the mechanics of boats, but also of cars. Both sides love their beer and an excuse to party. I love this about them. We all love to dance and shake it up!

As for a political platform, I could probably say it all in two words - common sense. Key policies would be...

  1. The further evolution of humanity and consciousness
  2. Recognition of all life - plants, animals, the earth, sun, moon, starts, the elements, and other-than-terrestrial beings - as critical to our own
  3. Global cooperation
  4. Truth and transparency
  5.  Kindness and generosity
  6. Health and balance for all system of life
  7. Courage in all things big and small
  8. Education for survival of all living systems, and 
  9. Love (not Madison Avenue romantic mush, but real love, which is a willingness to care enough to give an honest response without being vicious).

When I am president, we will foster a civilization that is openly and consciously working to evolve itself. There will be the return of all resources to their rightful beneficiaries - the people of Earth. High-nutrition food will be required for everyone. Seven years of high-intensity training and personal development will be required for all who want to have children. Political and financial systems based on capitalism will be outlawed and replaced by systems based on personal responsibility and abundance. Mother Nature will be celebrated as our strength and our source, not something to be dominated and conquered.

I'm not sure if I should go for the 2020 election or wait to see if we still have a nation after that.