Interviews with Penny Kelly

Although Penny has her own channel on different platforms, she has also been interviewed by a variety of people throughout the years.  Many of the recordings (video or audio) are no longer available due to censorship. We've tried to compile the ones we had in one location that are safe with a low probability of censorship.  

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Link to Penny Kelly's channel on Odysee is a blockchain based online video sharing platform that supports, amongst other things, freedom of speech. It is owned and run by LBRY whose technology is decentralized, which prevents censorship or users from being deplatformed. To find out more about LBRY and its online video platform, Odysee, go to "What is LBRY exactly?"

Find many of Penny Kelly's interviews on COMING SOON!


See also Penny Kelly's Official Channel on


Penny Kelly's Official Channel on Odysee