August 21, 2010

Faulty Thinking - #1

August 21, 2010 The Setting: Wikileaks The Characters: Mr. Assange and General Mullen The Action: Mr. Assange decided to share a few truths including some truths about what’s happening in Afghanistan involving the U.S. troops and the Taliban who are now fighting one another. The Problem:  Embarrassment over the violations committed by the U.S. Commentary: General Mullen was heard to say that Mr. Assange had the blood of some young man on his hands. What about the blood on your hands, General Mullen? You sent those young men over there to kill and be killed. Your hope that every one of the young kids under your command will come home safely is commendable; however, your hope for their safety is no higher or more honorable than Mr. Assange’s hope to expose the truth. In fact, your hope for their safety is somewhat schizophrenic given that you are the one who agreed that they should be sent there in the first place. If you wanted them to come home safely, why did you put them in harm’s way at all? This is faulty thinking. You and our government are over there in Afghanistan, blowing up their culture, killing their people, destroying everything in your determination to get control of their land, their resources, and their government. If this were not the case, would there be anything for Mr. Assange to expose? What kind of greed and arrogance do you stand for? And don’t give me any mumbo-jumbo about doing what is right for the nation. The ‘nation’ is not going to stand before God someday and have to explain or justify its actions, but you will. Let us hope you are not one of those men who never questions the system of thought to which you have subscribed until you're dead. Such arrogance is fatal for the soul.