December 13, 2013

Financial and Political Prostitution

It is so easy to see through the U.S. government tactics. Their entire interest is in building relationships…but not the kind anyone wants. They’re buying agreement and power. That’s about as successful in the long run as trying to buy love and sex. In this case, the U.S. is promising Afghanistan $15 billion dollars a year if it will sign The Bilateral Security Agreement. When the Afghan president was not in a hurry to sign, the U.S. started using pressure tactics. The Afghan’s accused us of acting like we were back in the colonial days flinging power around, which is true. That’s what we’ve always done. What we are offering is to give them $15 billion in exchange for allowing U.S. and NATO forces to stay in Afghanistan, and for the U.S. to train the army and police force. We’ll also pay the wages of their army and police. What we are demanding in return is the freedom to carry out “anti-terrorism operations” along with complete immunity for U.S. forces. They are even insisting on the right to raid private homes!! Just imagine how different life would be if the U.S. gave their own people $15 billion. But nope, they keep trying to cut more and more people out of the picture. How can they claim that they have to keep cutting when they are giving away $15 billion? What they’re going to do is print another batch of dollars and hand it out in an effort to maintain power in Afghanistan. What power is that? It's the power to run U.S. ideology without a hassle. How much easier it would be to maintain pressure on Afghanistan from inside the country rather than from Washington! So now I’m wondering what happens when no one wants the dollar anymore? We’ll be out of money and friends, surrounded by countries that don’t give a damn about any of us. We need to be building relationships that last...relationships that are characterized by caring and cooperation. Neither colonial behavior or engaging in financial prostitution is the way to do that.