May 16, 2013

Getting Off the Financial Grid - #1

The situation goes something like this...  Business aggressively markets a grossly romanticized version of everything - your hair, your skin, your weight, your clothes and shoes, your cars, houses, sex life, your vacation, your career, etc. People then chase after this romanticized illusion believing that it will A.) make them happy, B.) make them popular or attractive, C.) bring success. The chase never ends. It isn't meant to end. It's meant to drive consumerism, which then leads directly to debt. Once you are in debt, it's all over but the workin'. No one has to maintain a prison cell or hire guards to watch you. All that is necessary is to offer a sufficient number of credit cards along with a sufficient number of jobs to entice you to work at paying your debt. With the right amount of debt and just the right job, you cn be effectively tied up for life, too busy to protest, too occupied to think, too afraid to stop paying the debt, too in debt to stop working, and too hypnotized by romantic illusions to see what is happening. Can you see how the system works? Do you think we will ever get smart enough and disciplined enough to get off the financial grid?