October 05, 2017

Is It Time to Wake up Yet?

Is It Time to Wake up Yet?

Our country is a mess. I weep frequently for all of us. What will it take to get people to see that there is a war going on? It started long ago, became brazen with the successful elimination of JFK and has crept forward, quietly manipulating elections in order to maintain the illusion of democracy, forcing Reagan to take on Bush as vice president so they could assassinate Reagan and slide Bush into place, testing to see how much they could get away with, how much we would put up with… pushing the agenda slowly…capturing our senators and representatives one at a time in nets of surveillance, bribery, drugs, sex, or plain old guilt until these terrified servants did exactly as they were told, while murdering anyone who crossed them.

How long will it be before we recognize that there are new technologies, hidden weapons, secret techniques for splitting consciousness and programming part of it to do what the original wholeness would never have done. How many Trade Center disasters, Colorado theater shootings, Navy yard shootings, Sandy Hook hoaxes, Pulse nightclub murders, or Las Vegas assassinations do we have to have before we wake up and see what is going on? How many trillions of our dollars have to disappear into the black hole of black budgets before we realize that roads, bridges, water systems, electrical grids, and infrastructure are crumbling because the money is being spent to pay off those who have been complicit in the war that is slowly taking the U.S. down. If you think that's not true, look at this as just one example...


I have clients and friends in many places around the world. They are angry with the U.S. Why? Because we were an icon of freedom, hope, and personal potential. We inspired them. Now they ask me, “What is wrong with the American people??!! Why are they letting this happen to them and their country?” I do not know what to say. Others can see it. Why can't we?

We are caught between two warring factions struggling for power and willing to kill the innocent and uninvolved. They are doing it on our backs, and we are paying them to do it. I don’t know how long it will take to wake people up, but at this rate more are going to die. What do we need to do?

It is much too soon for this prescription because too many are still playing naïve, still caught in red vs. blue, Trump vs. Hillary, left vs. right and other meaningless either-or arguments, refusing to wake up and grow up, but I’m going to say it anyway. Our democracy is not working. It might even be dead. We need to…

  • Stop everything
  • Figure out specifically who is fighting who
  • Determine the goals or proposed outcomes
  • Decide whether we want those goals or not
  • Assess whether it is possible to satisfy both sides in some way
  • Give ourselves permission to change
  • Embark on an exploratory process to experience some of the possible alternatives as a lifestyle
  • Make decisions about those experiences
  • Compile those decisions into a reasonable structure or framework, and
  • Set about refining the structure as we unfold our future.

Is that future guaranteed to look familiar? No. Is it guaranteed to work the way we imagine? No. Can we set up something that allows and nurtures our evolution to a more expansive consciousness? That remains to be seen. Can we keep going as we are? No. We will devolve further, disintegrate into civil wars all over the place, and end up being taken over by who knows what. It is time to wake up. It is time to step into political and spiritual maturity before the spirit and structure of the U.S. is lost forever.