June 07, 2010

Life and Death #6 - Power, Wisdom, and Thoughtfulness

June 7, 2010 Today, my breeding pair of geese was moving gracefully across the road to the pond when someone flying thoughtlessly down the road simply ran them over. I loved those geese and wept to see the masses of white feathers scattered across the road as if several feather pillows had exploded. How thoughtless human beings have become because of cars! The roads are littered with the dead bodies of raccoons, skunks, deer, opossums, fox, wood chucks, chipmunks, owls, coyotes, wild turkeys, turtles, frogs, squirrels, dogs, cats, and butterflies. Why do we think we do not have to be considerate of the Others in our reality? In ancient times, when humans were in the minority group in terms of power, there was something of a pact between all of us. We roamed the paths of the jungle or the woods during the day, and the animals used those same paths at night. They slept while we went about the business of getting food, water, and other necessities; we slept while they went about their business, which was essentially the same as ours – survival. Using a specific time niche allowed everyone to use the same space with a minimum of conflict. If perchance, you happened to be moving through the jungle at night, you were fair game simply because you were out of your time niche. Everyone was considerate of everyone else – two-legged or four-legged. For this reason alone, I often refuse to drive at night simply because I don’t want to put our animal companions at risk. We are part of a natural world. We live in a reality built and maintained by nature. We are creatures in the Garden of Earth. What is it in us that makes us think we are above our own inherent nature or that we are better than any of the other creatures here? In today’s world, we have lost touch with Nature – our own as well as the nature around us. Part of the reason is that we have focused on developing our technology instead of developing ourselves. Every technological invention we have ever created is a perfect example of some form of psychological projection of what we are personally capable of. Television is a projection that substitutes for our clairvoyance. Radio is a projection that substitutes for our clairaudience. Cars are a projection that substitute for our ability to transport ourselves through teleportation. Computers are a projection that substitute for our ability to know and figure out whatever we wish instantly. If you examine the reality through the right lens, you will see that every form of technology is an attempt to extend our power by projecting it outwardly instead of developing that power inwardly. The result has been an increase in artificial power and a decrease in wisdom and thoughtfulness. Instead of deepening and nurturing our connection to Life and the true power inherent within us, we have become dependent on artificial props. The result is that we are crass, thoughtless, and willing to kill whatever is in our way. If “what you give is what you get,” if the law of attraction is true, we will be in for some very rough times if our power props are taken away and we are left in the lap of nature – our own or Mother Earth’s.