November 13, 2014

Our Predicament

At this point in time, I am quite excited about our world even though I have some concerns about the U.S. The world is definitely changing, but none of those changes are being reported in the U.S. Instead, we have the steady diet of propaganda and the presentation of seriously biased information that leaves us out of what the rest of the world is experiencing. My concern is that we are going to become the sole captives of a small group of sociopathic and psychopathic control freaks who will be forced to be content with whatever is left of the U.S. instead of being able to recognize their dreams of controlling the world. Since we no longer have a democracy - only the skeletal remains of one - we have only a few reasonable and workable options. The biggest one is to relentlessly pursue the re-institution of our constitution and another is to fight through the court system to correct those things that are a slap in the face of true democracy. Then there is the option of simply ignoring the government and going around it, building conscious communities that reconnect with Mother Earth and conduct themselves with dignity, integrity, justice, and joy.