January 23, 2012

Political Drama Distracts Us From Truth

January 23, 2012 I have several friends who are rabidly political. They are completely swept up in the issues of who is in the White House, who was elected to this Senate seat or that political committee. They rant and grumble about every move President Obama makes, and criticize their favored party for not being more argumentative or obstructive. I also have friends who are only mildly interested in political happenings, but were quite hopeful that things would change when Obama was elected. Recently, they have made comments about how disappointed they are that Obama seems to have fallen under a spell and is doing and saying the same kinds of things his predecessors did and said. Both groups of friends share the same myopic shortcomings – they fail to see that something critical is going on. If the political system were able to make changes, it would do so. If Obama really had any power, he would use it. If our government was really a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, it would listen and respond to us. But the system doesn’t change in ways that make sense, Obama does not have any real power except to do as he is told, the government does not listen and respond to us. Obviously, something has gone wrong. Our government is not much more than a sham left in place to fool us for awhile. Politicians continue to shuffle through the daily grind while everyone in Washington DC knows that someone else is pulling the strings. Are we asking who? No. Instead, we line up across from our neighboring Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party People, Libertarians, or whoever, and then scream at one another with angry, inflamed rhetoric. It doesn’t matter who is in power in our governmental system because our system is no longer under our control. Any half intelligent, half awake citizen can see it, and all of the drama only serves to keep us distracted from this truth.