January 09, 2011

Political Maturity?

January 9, 2011 My mother used to say, “You can say anything you want, but you can’t say it any way you want.” Later, as I grew up, I discovered that timing and tone were as important as the choice of words. Still later, I realized that one’s level of maturity was even more important – it was the key to all satisfying conversation and productive communication. It is time for people to begin maturing politically. The political arena is not the center of life. Barack Obama is not running your life – you are. Glen Beck is not making choices for you – you are. Neither the Republican nor the Democratic party is responsible for your health or financial condition – you are. If you have the idea that someone, some political party or elected representative out there in the world is to blame for your situation, then you are thinking, and probably acting, like a teenager. No one is out there doing anything to you, and this kind of thinking is a sign that you have not matured or stepped into your own wisdom and power. Do not allow the media circus that goes on around political events to suck you into believing that political events are more important than what is happening in your own mind and your own life. Maturity is a willingness to go below the surface of things and to think for yourself. It’s time we matured as a nation. Do not allow yourself to be manipulated via media. It’s your consciousness, and no one can do your perception for you.