June 09, 2015

Quotes to Make You Think About True Health

"Thinking is as biologic as digestion." "We are in fact quite as helpless in our dependence on nature's resources and essentials for life as are the insect, animals, and birds." "We human beings of modern civilization are at a great disadvantage in the selection of foods in that we seem to have lost a sixth sense by which we would recognize a specific need for a special food. Many of the primitive races and most animals retain the capacity to satisfy the body needs by choosing the foods that will provide minerals and vitamins." "Tooth decay (along with physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual degeneration) is not only unnecessary, but an indication of our divergence from Nature's fundamental laws of life and health." (parentheses mine) "The result of disturbance in the growth of the bones of the head and of the development of general body design is, quite regularly, a narrowing of the entire body, and often there is a definite lengthening." (The narrowing & lengthening of lungs and nostrils causes/contributes to asthma, the narrowing of the pelvis causes difficult and painful births that necessitate C-sections, the narrowing of the jaw causes crooked teeth and the need for braces, the narrowing of the eyes interferes with perception, the narrowing of the brain matter results in water on the brain and mental retardation, and on and on...) "Adult individuals vary in the efficiency with which they absorb minerals and other chemicals essential for mineral utilization. It is possible to starve for minerals that are abundant in the foods eaten because they cannot be utilized without an adequate quantity of the fat-soluble activators (vitamins A, D, E, K).” (Thus, you must have enough of the right fats in your diet to use the vitamins that allow you to absorb the minerals that build the actual structures of the body.) from Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, by Weston A. Price