August 05, 2011

Rebuilding Reality - #2

August 5, 2011 The majority of people have forgotten, or never realized, that land is the source of all wealth and well-being. Land is where true security can be found because it is the source of our food, wood for our houses, furniture, and heat, our medicines, and many other things we need. The artificial routines we engage in every day are not sustainable. Everything artificial eventually wears out and becomes useless. The word “artificial” means something that is not alive… and anything that is not alive requires endless amounts of time and energy to keep it going. That’s fine as long as we have the time and energy to pour into it, but trouble begins when we have other priorities to address – like finding food, keeping warm or cool, settling differences, raising children, or repairing the roof. In addition to requiring endless amounts of time and energy, artificial structures spawn thousands of artificial rules and regulations that have no common sense to back them up. They distract us from the laws of Nature that we should be following if we want to survive; and they destroy our lives with their pettiness and entrapment. We should be laughing, singing, helping one another, dancing, making love, making music, working together, talking, politely disagreeing, building relationships, learning from one another, celebrating one another, and discovering new pathways that lead to opportunities for human expression for ourselves and our children. And what are we doing instead? We’re taking homes from one another. We’re cutting out jobs and leaving one another bankrupt. We’re blindly following rules that have no purpose other than to hurt one another. We’re feeding our need to think we are better than others. We’re ignorantly enforcing regulations that perpetuate our illusions of right and wrong or self-importance. We callously ignore the needs of others because we believe we will be more secure if we do what the system tells us we’re supposed to do.  We keep hoping that trouble will pass us by and things will be okay if we all just do what we used to do. The result is that we can’t see what is really happening to us. We become afraid to speak out and say, “It’s not working anymore…let’s do something new and more appropriate.” The question is, who will speak out first?