August 12, 2011

Rebuilding Reality - #3

August 12, 2011 We can’t keep doing what we’ve been doing. Why? Two reasons. One, because we’ve grown – just a little – but enough to have grown past the structures of consciousness based on inequality. Inequality is the bedrock of competition, and yet what we desperately need to acknowledge now is that some of us are NOT more important than others. The entire last century has been one long confrontation with inequality in one form or another…the labor unions, the Jews, the Hippie movement, the Civil Rights movement, the Women’s Liberation movement, rights for the disabled, help for the poor, the failure of the New American Century, dealing with illegal immigrants… and through it all, the manipulations of the industrial power brokers have continually sought to manipulate various groups by fostering inequality in order to create a sense of outrage among them. The result is that we are distracted from our natural sense of cooperation. Instead, we deal constantly with this or that group of unequals who demand to be given what they feel they have a right to do, to be, to have, or to dispose of. The other reason we must do something different is because the old structures and institutions are obviously coming down. Trying to reconstitute them is tantamount to suicide. We must choose renewal, regeneration, and lifestyles that reflect a higher, more inclusive and expansive level of consciousness. If we do not align with Life, then we will find we are aligned with something that is NOT life and we will disintegrate. This is a reality system. There are other reality systems in the wide spectrum of dimensions, but we are in THIS one here on Planet Earth. If we continue on our present path, we are going to self-destruct. All reality systems come to a point when they either have to nurture life or face that fact that they will not survive. This is why cancer is everywhere in our reality at this time. Cancer appears when people are not nurturing life. It is time to make some new decisions and to put an effort into paving the way for new structures to develop. Do I know how to do this? Not really. However, I do know that Lily Hill Farm was built to become an anchor for the new system as it grows and develops. This place was meant to be a place of inspiration and transformation, a place where food, shelter, laughter, healing, the companionship of like minds, music, friendship, education and new experience would reconnect you to Mother Earth.  I don’t know exactly how it will all work. I just know that we are all equal. We are all brothers and sisters. And we are all capable of working together to build pathways to a future that nurtures life and an awakened consciousness.