February 13, 2011

Rules for Transforming Another

February 13, 2011 Here are the rules for transforming another person and creating a miracle in their life:
  1. Hold the firm belief in your mind that they can change. Know it.
  2. Always demonstrate the words and behavior you want them to adopt.
  3. Watch constantly for tiny signs of a move in the right direction and recognize/reinforce that behavior.
  4. Take a firm stand in refusing to accept or overlook unethical behavior, yet do not be cruel.
  5. Use ordinary conversation to plant the seeds of ever-greater consciousness, then nurture the seeds.
  6. Laugh and hug and encourage as much as possible without being false or putting on a show. Be genuine.
  7. Be patient and know that time is one your side.
  8. Everyone has a built-in desire to grow, evolve in maturity, to do the best they can and to be the best they can. Trust this.