November 23, 2014


This is a piece written by Sarah Bassin, former architect in New York. She sent it to me and said I could post it here. It says exactly what I've been thinking and reminding people of... "Without a vision for your life you become just a cog, a number, someone who receives marching orders and carries them out dutifully without thinking about their own desire or passion. That is why vision is so powerful especially for young adults - to know they have a choice, that they can command what they want in this world, the experiences they want to draw to themselves. "When we allow others (like the media - in the form of subliminal programming) to influence or form visions for us it is very dangerous. It is a form of mind control. It removes us from our own power, our own vision. It divides us from our selves, weakening us. It is an age old tactic and a very,  very powerful one - Divide and Conquer. "So hold on to your dreams. Make space and time in your life for your visions, for visioning. Allow your creative powers of conjuring to rise to the surface. See the deep beauty in your innermost desires. Know that you are a powerful being and can create the world you desire around you simply by visioning!"